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Need some help
Post # 1
I'm new to magic, always believed but never tried to practise until a little while ago. Does anyone have a stop a divorce spell. My husband had an affair and she is truly evil, makes a habit of breaking up marriages for sport - this is a fact. Through my ressearch I believe I need a 'spell plan' ie: break them up, stop my divorce, rekindle love. or is this wrong? I just want a chance to save our 18yrs. If its not meant to be I'll accept but I want to get some magical help to try. I truly don't want to cause harm to her. Is there any help someone can give me?
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Re: Need some help
Post # 2
Firstoff im sorry to hear about your situation and i truly sympathize with you, ask yourself if this is what you truly want?

Here is a spell to ease your heartache.

Honeysuckle is said to heal and encorage you to look to the future.

1. Initiate this spell when you feel frustrated, lonely, and miserable, add 20-30 drops of the flower essence remedy to a bath filled with warm water, this bath will be taken only once, any further baths require at most half-dozen(12) drops of the flower essence.

2. Dry yourself with a fresh clean white towel.

3. Drink a healing heart potion, a glass of water, fruit juice, or wine to which you add two drops of honeysuckle flower essence and two drops of hibiscus flower essence.

4. Drink this potion daily until you no longer need it.

Hope this helps, if you decided you do want a spell to bring your husband back to you, i would be happy to help.

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Re: Need some help
Post # 3
Thank you. I will give the bath a try.
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Re: Need some help
By: / Adept
Post # 4
Sure, try a break up spell. Here's the thing, and mind you, i'm not a big nay-sayer when it comes to "controversial" spells like love spells of curses, etc. In my view magic should be practical, i don't pay much mind to karma, etc., and i will usually counsel people to go for it if they feel strongly in the work. But to the disclaimer:

It has been my experience that when you do break-up work or other very controlling, very coercive love work, you very well might get your partner back, but the relationship will lose some of its original innocense - that's the best way i can describe it. If it's worth it to you, then go for it.

I'd do a bottle spell to break-up the couple. Make name papers for the two parties, add personal effects like hair, handwriting, etc., and put break-up botanicals like lemon peel and alum, sour liquids to sour the relationship (vinegar, urine, etc.), and sharp implements to sever the relationship: razor blades, glass shards, etc.

You'll need to do your research, so i'd suggest going online to and searching terms like "bottle spell," "break-up spell," and "name papers," to get a better plan as far as the actual spellwork.

While you got this bottle o' nasty brewing, i'd make another jar, this time a love jar for you and your partner. Google "honey jar spell" and look for the Lucky Mojo page.

I'd do the break-up work first, starting on the waning moon, and then move to the fix-the-relationship work during the waxing moon. The honey jar might not be enough. Ginseng gave you a great bath recipe. Search the Lucky mojo site for more lover-return-to-me/reconciliation spellwork. You can also search my blog (located in my profile) for more spellwork plus some excellent (if i may say so) therapy-type advice on effecting a reconciliation; just earch under the reconciliation tag.

Lucky Mojo sells an awesome candle called a Divorce Candle which is perfect for break-up work. It's a black candle with a separated couple standing back to back. Awesomeness. You may also want to do some more searching for other break-up work. There's a great break-up trick using a lemon, placing the parties' names in the lemon, and letting the whole mess rot, but i'll let you find it in your research.

Best of luck, and may your Will comport with the Will of Spirit; otherwise this reconciliation is not meant to be, and Spirit has your perfect partner ready for you, someone better than your spouse, awaiting your heart to heal and move on towards him/her.
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Re: Need some help
Post # 5
LdyGry, thanks for youe suggestions.

Ginseng, I used the bath recipe thank you. I would like to do a spell to get my husband back do you have anymore suggestions to add to LdyGry's?

Again thanks to you both.
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Re: Need some help
Post # 6
I remind you(/repeat),in case you don't know...

If you do want to cast a spell,and you want it to be successful,you first need to read&practice the BASICS...for about 1year(some pagan people claim that this must go to 1year and 1 day exactly).I recommend you follow this link-->

Read all of it,and then do some research for further information...

*** Ramsis
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Re: Need some help
Post # 7
I think LadyGry gave you excellent advice, and all the things she suggested are great and i feel there is nothing i could add to such good advice.:)

Im glad you did the healing bath, and i hope things go well for you dear.

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