Herbal cosmetic recipes

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Herbal cosmetic recipes
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Here is a site that provides many cosmetic recipes for Your enjoyment

I also like to think that I have great experience in making herbal cosmetic, remedies and teas, and I my studies ( biology ) helps too . So If you happen to need some particular recipe , foe example anti acne lotion, or antibacterial ointment just post Your question here. And anyone that has some nice recipe please share.

I will start with a simple cr?me recipe that contains chamomile and sandalwood to sooth skin and nurture it

Base Galen's cold cr?me

- One tablespoon of natural beeswax
- one table spoon of almond oil
- 2-3 tablespoons of Chamomile infusion ( double strained through cheesecloth )

Warm the beeswax and oil in a double heater, and when melted and mixed add the tea infusion and stir quickly and steadily. When You get creamy mass, you can pour away any possible water component excess/surplus.

Then when bit colleen add 7 drops of sandalwood or lavander ( If adding lavander add about dozen of drops and this can be used to treat minor burns
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Re: Herbal cosmetic recipes
Post # 2
Nice post, I got some recipes, too many to mention , but heres a few-

Hair mask-

An avocado
An egg
(for dry hair) two or three tablespoons of olive oil.
(for greasy hair) a couple of drops of lemon juice.

Mash and mix together into a paste, the comb into hair, with a wide tooth comb, leave on for a minumum of ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Face mask-

An avocado
An egg
( for dry skin) a couple of drops of olive oil or milk.
(for greasy skin) acouple of drops of lemon juice
Its pretty much the same as the hair mask , as hair is an extention of the skin and both made up of keratin.

Anti spot treatment/ hypapigmentation treatment-

Powdered tumeric, (this is a bright yellow indian spice)
Lemon juice

Mix together into a paste and put onto affected areas,
leave on for a minimum of fifteen minutes or overnight for better results or an especially troublesome area, but dont do it just before going out as it can stain your skin yellow. You can do it for an our then wash it off, go to bed, then after a shower in the morning you will be okay.

A healthy way to help curb your appetite-

A couple of natrual licorice sticks

Boil into a tea, its healthier than all the silly dangerous pills on the market.

Hair growth-

Rosemary oil
almond oil

Add seven drops of rosemary oil to a small cup of almond oil and rub into your scalp. leave on overnight or leave on longer if you have dry hair, then rinse.
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