revenge/cursing spells.

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revenge/cursing spells.
Post # 1
Hiya, im new to this site and i need a bit of advice.

over the past 2 years i have done lots of research on magick and have used it myself, but its all been what people may call white spells or working within the light.

ive had a tough and very bad few years and ive always been the type of person that has just done nothing about the wrong that has been done to me, ive had enough so ive bought some items to cast a revenge and curse spell.

what i cant seem to read to understand as i cant find the info out there, is how to cast a circle and close one, i know how to for love spells etc, but ive read somewhere that when casting revenge/curse spells the circles are different because its different elements. can someone please advise me.

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Re: revenge/cursing spells.
Post # 2
You probably won't find many people willing to help with this. Curses, hexes, and spells of that nature are very dangerous to everyone involved. The negative energy put into your spell will come back to you.

My advice, find a non-Magickal way of getting your revenge, one that doesn't violate the law either.
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Re: revenge/cursing spell
Post # 3
It is not recommended. In fact, I say stay away from that sort of stuff. If you are truly in pain, then consider seeing a counselor. A year or so ago, I was under a lot of pressure and such, and even tried to commit suicide at school. Enough of my story... If your not interested in seeing someone, try doing a cleansing ritual.

)O( .Blessed be. )O(
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Re: revenge/cursing spells.
Post # 4
the circle shouldent be much differnt just a little wider and stronger when dealing with hexes and things of sutch nature
the danger is not in casting it but in the backlash witch normaly happens much later shealding is a must if you do a spell
with the intent of doing harm you can not let your gard down
for even a sec. untill the spell ether runs its corse or is discountenued

il also sujest chaos magick over traditional magicks for sutch things because in my experince the of backlast is alot less
but its intirly up to you what kind of magick you use. good luck

sorry about my spelling
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Re: revenge/cursing spells.
Post # 5
I don't do genral magick, so I can't help you there. However, I will be happy to give you advice on some charms and talismans that may help, and I find those are a lot safer as the magick can be focused much easier, and no protctive barriers around yourself are needed.
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