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Magic School Teachers
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
Teachers wanted.

The school will be opening soon, and we need people willing to create courses for the school.

Courses work as follows:

1. You select / create a topic (for example Astral Projection)

2. You select a level (beginner, advanced, etc)

3. You create lessons (This is the main text of the course. information goes here, as well as any rituals or tasks that need to be done. You can have 1 lesson or 30 or any number in between. In the example of AP you may want your first lesson on Meditation and the 2nd lesson on actually trying to AP; or you may wish to combine the two topics into a single lesson. How you design your course into lessons is up to you.)

4. You create a 'test' at the end of each lesson. A test can be a simple question like 'Have you completed all the work in this lesson?' or 'Have you read the entire lesson and understood it?' Or a test can be dozens of questions, asking questions to make sure they read and understood your lesson.

5. You set permissions for the course and lessons, and pass % for the tests.
a) course acceptance is auto/manual
b) lessons passing is auto/manual
c) %correct to pass the test (if auto)

That is how the school will work from the teacher's side of things. #5 is very important because this allows you to take total control of your course, selecting who you want as students, OR, it allows you to create a course and have it run automatically, without you ever having to do anything, people can enrol in the course and complete it without your intervention. This is the preferred method, though some teachers in the more advanced classes will want to control their students.

As with all other content submitted, SoM can choose to accept, decline or edit your lessons as we see fit. If you don't want us to modify what you submit as a course then don't submit it.

We are currently looking for people with knowledge to share in ANY pagan/new age/wiccan or similar topic. Teachers can begin entering their courses/lessons/tests now and then, hopefully, by next weekend the school will open to students.

If you want to submit a course, send me a summary of your course and I will tell you how you can add it for submission. If your summary is poorly written with spelling mistakes, incorrect capitalization or punctuation it will be declined and you will not be able to submit a new one.

SoM will have the best courses, created and taught by the most experienced and knowledgeable people, and the entire school will be free. This is why we have such strict guidelines.

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