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Magic Name?
Post # 1
I read somewhere that to become a magician, one must learn their Magic Name. The website told me a chant to meet my "guardian angel" and then my guardian angel would tell me my magic name. I remember the beginning of the chant went like this,

"Take me to the perfect time in space
Where I can meet my guardian angel"

Then it went on saying "Where I can do this, Where I can do that," and so on.

I'm wondering if I do need to discover my magic name because on this website and some others when i went to the getting started section it never mentioned it.
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Re: Magic Name?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are difrent reasons to have a magic name.
(mostly it comes to you in one way or another)
one of the reasons is to separete your normal life from the magic.
Another reason that some use a magic name is the 'power' in the name.

Also there are the reason of protecting yourself. (name magic, and so on)

and also, that when you do 'magic' most wants to have 'somthing cool' to go by.

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Re: Magic Name?
Post # 3
Getting a magickal name is a choice, not a requirement.

I've been at this 15+ years and I don't have one. My ability to do magick is not hindered by the lack of one.
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Re: Magic Name?
Post # 4
I agree.

Magick names are also commonly chosen/created by the person.

It's not exactly something that a guardian angel must give you.

They usually are names that have personal magick properties to that specific person. For instance as mentioned above they often are used to separate one's "regular" life from that of their magickal life; in which case the magick name itself is to help the person feel more empowered and embraced when practicing such as in spells or rituals- to be referred to by the magickal name, a name chosen by you, it can give a rather giddy or empowered feeling.

It's only supposed to make you feel more... magickal really; for lack of a better word.
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Re: Magic Name?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Getting a magickal name, is not a requisite for becoming a mague, in fact it is not a requisite at all, for starters in my point of view. Magickal names are used for many reasons. It is used for protection against enemies or negative spirits, it helps keep secrecy, and it also helps create for some a better magickal awareness. Names are also given in initiation ceremonies, and for example, in many types of magick, when dealing with spirits, Gods, and other magickal beings, a name is bestowed.
I dont recommend having a magical name when one is beginning, because you still dont know what it is that you really want, and many magicians do change their name allot, because we are changing beings. Its all very relative, but not obligatory, in most cases.
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Re: Magic Name?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
My 'magical' name is now also a part of my real name.
In a self changing proses.
I removed a name 'forced' upon me by the churh.
And was never a me.

Also sins in the change I removed negative things about my self.
I needed to fill the 'empty' space with somthing new. Also it was time for me to go' all in' in the 'magical' and so on.

The name came pretty much by itself.
Now my other name of my first name. (I had two in the begining to)
is somthing i don't use that much even.
The other day I actualy almost forgot it. Like. A lag in remembering it. Lol.

So it's not so much the name it self. It's what it means, or tells.
If it's you or not, and in what way.
Do you need a magical name or not.
It's what's feels right for you:)
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Re: Magic Name?
Post # 7
Thank you all for your very helpful advice, I will resume my magical training without a Magick name.
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Re: Magic Name?
Post # 8
well I choose Salazar as my magic name because I like the given name but all is up to you some will say that the best way to find it is trough you birth number but i truly I don't thinks is need it I use it more like a pseudonym for my own spells and in most ritual for the same purpose(pseudonym) but you can go without it is just a personal choise

Bless be.
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Re: Magic Name?
Post # 9
i chose my magick name as zangetsu apart from ame given to me.becoz it makes me feel cool powered.and also i like the meaning 'heavenly moon cutter'
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Re: Magic Name?
Post # 10
Knowing your magical name is not entirely necessary, but many people like to have them to seperate their magical lives and their mundane ones. (They also make a great username on ti's site!) I am Acoda. I chose the name because I felt it carried power. It sounded aincient and tribal. Your username is railgun. Why not make something out of that? Maybe change the sound and spelling a bit to something like Ralegen, or make up something totally different. Do what ever you want, you choose your name.
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