Balls of light? What!?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Balls of light? What!?

Balls of light? What!?
Post # 1
Well tonight I was going to cast a youth spell over myself. The goal with the youth spell was to maximize my juvenile energy and with it, i wanted to be easier to cast successful protective spells to me and my friends. However, i decided to take photos, one photo each 5 seconds (auto camera).

In a few pictures it showed perfectly round shaped balls of light around me in a coordinated pattern.

I dont know if I am allowed to upload the pictures because i dont have any trousers, just a "special" cute underwear and a shirt, nothing that i think it could be called as "pornographic" though.

So what are these light grey balls?
I am really thankful for serious answers.

About the spell, I hope it worked as I could feel energy flow inside and outside me.
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Re: Balls of light? What!?
Post # 2
Orbs perhaps?
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Re: Balls of light? What!?
Post # 3
But why did these dust particles or orbs only show in the photos where the final phase of the spell was beginning?
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Re: Balls of light? What!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Dust particals. Om that subjeckt. Ther should be a milions of pictures out there with orbs on them. (no ofend. Im just saying)
and The orbs. (as i understand) do only apare on digital cameras.
(dont Ask me why) u can Get a bether understanding on orbs by simply putt your digital camera against the front of a remote control, and push a buton.

Some say orbs are spirrits. Others energy.
No Mather what you belive. Isn't spirits a energyform.

What is "strange" tho. Is how ofthen people that works with energys and other "magickcal" things.
Have seen this more ofthen than others.

Not strange to me, sins I consither it as energy in one or another form.
Another things come to minde. Some might have the ability to on some level, se energys. Or/and so on. Aura also under this.
Wouldn't be that far away for me to make the conection to glorie in the Christian paintings....
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