mythical creatures

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> mythical creatures

mythical creatures
Post # 1
some people think that mythical creatures are just that mythical..i believe that they are real. think about all the strange sitings people have had of creatures that are supposed to be only in fantasy books.. did every single one of them make it up? misinterpret what they saw?
dragons, gryphons, djinn, doujna, masheba, basilisk,etc.. they all have energies that are specific to them, those energies can be felt or sensed by some of us

i myself have felt the energy of a djinn. i held the djinn's vessel and my finger began to heat up and tingle then i felt a breeze in the room when no door or window was open.

so everyone what about your experiences...
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Re: mythical creatures
Post # 2
mostly forest spirits hope to have more experiances with em lol
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Re: mythical creatures
Post # 3
well i know vampires,fairies, werewolves (an:wolf therian)elves, goblins and dwarves exists and i do not doubt that our more famliar mythological creatures actually exits
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Re: mythical creatures
Post # 4
In the astral world any creature that has been imagined exist
because of the collective focused human thought energy can bring
creatures into existence. I know many creatures exist as I am a
keeper of spirits. No human has seen or experienced all creatures
a no single human will. Lack of belief or faith is irrelevant as to
whether a creature exists or not they exist is just a few of us are
lucky enough to have the experience.
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Re: mythical creatures
Post # 5
I have seen a griffin or gryphon when I was camping it's such a wonderfull beast
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Re: mythical creatures
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I collee spirit vessals, if you want to talk about them message me. I love talking about their little activities. -^^-

I've seen some creatures, but not many. The closest I've come to a physical realm werewolf is in a graveyard with my parents, I heard its howl and I felt its energies close by, Iforced my parents to go home.
Also have met and seens a few vampires. There was something else, but I don't know what it was. I was out horseback riding and I was ahead of everyone else, I saw what looked like a large figure, was furred an it jumped from a tree like a human would, it didn't look like a werewolf, or bigfoot. Was much larger, it broke the branch it jumped from, I tried to keep my horse calm, but she turned away and dashed away very quickly, almost throwing me off. That's most of the physical realm experiences I have, spiritral realm I have a lot more.
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