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Post # 1
Okay, I have a couple questions about healing energies, but first I should tell how I use them.

Last year I was really sick and I felt absolutely horrible. My dog, who I'm pretty sure is my familiar just because of this experience, she jumped on my bed and layed there throughout the night and I put my hand on her head(I don't know why, I just felt I needed to). I closed my eyes and instantly I saw me and my dog, but I was filled with a red energy and she was filled with a green energy. The green energy in her started to moved through my arm into me and wherever it touched instantly cooled down and felt better. I pushed it back and I got hotter again and started to feel worse, so I let it wash over me and the next morning I was completely fine, even though the night before I was the most sick that I ever remember.

Ever since that day, I've realized that I have that green energy inside of me, and I realized how to use it. Each day I got better at finding it and using it, now I can easily and on command. I haven't gotten sick for the past year and I get sick a pretty good amount normally. I have like a key phrase to put the sickness out of my mind and let the healing energy wash over me, I just say it and it happens(I usually say it in my head.). I don't have to say it but it makes it easier, because it helps me not think as much about the sickness or whatever is happening. I can also feel when I'm getting sick easier now, and I send the healing energy(when I do this I usually don't use my little phrase thing, its mostly just for putting bad thoughts out of my head.)anyways, I send it to the part of my body where the sickness is happening (like my throat when I felt I was getting sick), and it started to feel better, I managed to not get sick when my whole family caught something from my brother, and I get sick easily.

Anyways, my questions are:

Is this how traditionally healing is done, or what are some methods to make it stronger? and how to I apply this to physical injuries, like my cat scratched me and I was trying to heal the scratch, it healed a little faster, but is there a way to make it better?

Please and thank you (and sorry for the super long post).
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Re: Healing
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Nope you pretty much have the healing techniques down. I would say this is a traditional healing technique though I would suggest you try using other colors like blue and white also. Green is good in healing to help things repair and grown such as broken bones or your scratch you had. Because green is a color of growth and abundance etc you wouldn't want to use that color when doing a healing on someone with Cancer because you can cause it to grow instead of going away. I personally use the color white when I do my healings, but another good color to use is blue. I was always taught that the proper blue to use is like the blue of the Virgin Mary's robes. There are some ways you can increase your healing techniques such as using candles,raw eggs, smudge sticks, stones, etc. These are some healing tecniques used in Hoodoo practices.
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Re: Healing
Post # 3
Most types of energy healing go exactly where they are needed in my experience. Have you heard of Reiki? It is a healing technique that came from Japan in the 1940's i believe. Along with Reiki There are many other types(hundreds in fact) of Energy healing methods. Most of these you have to have a Person who knows the subject "attune" you to its energies. I learnt at free. Others will charge hundreds of dollars for what with enough searching you can find online for free.
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Re: Healing
Post # 4
Thank you both very much. I just wasn't sure if I was doing it right, and I will definately check out that site and try the different colored energies.
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Re: Healing
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Comments.
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