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info on relearning
Post # 1
Hey um i'm already quite an old member here and man i must confess i tried to disconnect myself from all this at one point. I did for a few months. But it would always follow me around. Sightings, foreseeing events. The more i tried to quit the more intense they were. So I'm back for good

Now, I was told by my parents that i was born with the hability to cure people with my hands and I witness it was true when i made my sister's big scar disappear all in 1 hour. There was one problem however. i was 9. i had been in contact for over 5 years with a ghost who has been haunting my family for a long time now. So my parents didn't think it was adequate for a 9 year old boy be experiencing those things. so they explained me everything then. How i Had the hability to help people and how my third eye was widely opened. Still they took me to a church, a weird church. i was 9 so i don't even know if it was a church per say. But anyways there was this priest. He started chanting some things in latin for moments and put some sand on my head or something. Then i went to and met some kids like me, with supernatural habilities.

Anyways my problem is that ever since then everything still happens but in a much lower scale. I was 9 and scared. I'm now almost 17. I've lived through a lot. I've spent so much nights when i was a kid afraid cuz i knew the truth. I'm ready to go to it again. This time im not giving up.

Can someone give me some advice on where to start?

thanks for everything people
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Re: info on relearning
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I think that first you should make sure you really believe in yourself. Have no doubt about who you are or what you can do.
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Re: info on relearning
Post # 3
ok. thanks for the reply. that's what i will do
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Re: info on relearning
Post # 4
nice post here, if you need any advise mail me, the third eye (ajna chakra) needs to be rebalanced from time to time, psychic abilities need to be maintained,as you get older your abilities are supposed to slow down from the large rush it had before mine did now i am developing them, so instead of my rapid global telepathy, i have learned to selectively control telepathy and use sight telepathy version. The chakras are a wonderful place to start
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Re: info on relearning
Post # 5
I agree.

Keep up your meditation and chakra exercises regularly. Get your rest and don't forget to really desire the outcome. :)
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Re: info on relearning
Post # 6
Thanks a lot guys. i will follow your advices. meditation and chakra it is!
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