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Deep Empathic Level
Post # 1
So. . . To start off, I am an Empath (more so developed) and I was just wondering how I might be able to connect with an individual on a Deep Empathic Level. Now, I'd prefer for someone (preferably an Empath who is aware of how to achieve a Deep Empathic Level of Connection with an individual) who has a bit of knowledge on this particular subject, but hey - what the heck, you know? lol So, more or less, I just want to know a good, efficient method/technique to connect with a person on a Deep Empathic Level. I don't really care what it consists of, as long as it's strong and effective in allowing me to feel deeper into the soul Empathically. :-) Thank you so much in advance to all who answer helpfully!
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Re: Deep Empathic Level
Post # 2
mm to get deeper in to the emotional soul that us empaths can sense to an extent needs a lot of concentration and a warning you might end up whit a major headache afterwards, to being able to go deeper you need to have something to focus on most preferably a name or an object or a picture when you have decided what to focus on you close your eyes take some deep breaths until you feel relaxed then you start to repeat in your mind where you want to go like "Connors emotions Connors emotions"

if you already know the person it will be easier to get forward to the first emotional wall as i like to call it, if you do not know that person so much add the last name to your focus.

you will get a floating like feeling until you have reached your "right heart" when you are there you just now and the feelings you can feel are most likley from that personobject past present or future, but if you managed to stumble upon a dragons or vampire soul prepare yourself for a fine headache

ths is what i know and i have tested this "onnection" of "mind travel" as i have just dubbed it you might not believe all of it but all these are from my personal experience
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Re: Deep Empathic Level
Post # 3
No, I do believe you. Thank you so much. :-)
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