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Hello all
Post # 1
Heilsa =]

Im a Odinist but I figured some people here may follow the Germanic Path, or at least have knowledge about it thus I seek communication.

I been practicing since I was little. Its in my family. I like most music, metal, techno, some rap, basically whatever. Im pretty laid back, and I own at fps games.

So yeah thats me.
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Re: Hello all
Post # 2
Welcome! :D I don't follow a Germanic sort of path as far as the deities I work with goes, but I've always loved Norse legends and the (stereotypical, I know) Viking motif. I admire them for being such amazing conquerors :) So I'm guessing you read runes? And what bands do you like? :3
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Re: Hello all
Post # 3
I indeed study runes =] .

I consider the Norse Deities to be the first ancestor of Germanic people [includes the Nords, the Britons, Lower Germania, the Keltic Nordid peoples of Ireland, etc] as well as full blown transdimensional dieties. I fully follow these and only these traditions, and that is the setting of my path. I do not consider it a "left or right hand" path, I just consider it my bloodline.

I do not study verbal magic [Galdr] as said in the Eddas, is "womans magic" although I mean this with no sexist tone to it, I just take the Eddas literally and they declare it as such. Though Odin himself did use such magic on occasion, he taught let that him be the exception on that rule and I follow it.

Runic magic is my main priority along with some curse studies [aka the Nidstang] and Stadhagaldr which is Runic inspired body movements. I also have interest but not experience in Runic Stav a martial arts form.

As for music, I like a lot of various bands, some of my favorite being Manowar, Tyr, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Burzum, Amon Amarth, Bathory, Nokturnal Mortum, Einjerjer etc.

Odin is my primary study, although I do love heroic tales in several of the King's Sagas, plus I have a fond appreciation of Thor.

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