Earth Energy?

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Earth Energy?
Post # 1
Hey guys how are you? I wanted to ask you guys something. I know i a medium. I have been one for about 7 months now. And they have been improving over time and days. I am starting to notice a new sense of energy. I think i am able to feel the earths magnetic energy field. It feels different then spiritual energy. I don't know how to describe it really. It feels good sometimes and yet it i can sometimes feel changes in the magnetic field.

Dose anyone know here about different energies and or can sense the earths energy like i can?
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Re: Earth Energy?
Post # 2
I can occasionally feel the earth's energy as well; but not all too often.

As I have come to notice is that this feeling usually comes with being either of the shamans, mediums, and long-time occultists (in a slightly different way).

It also happens with the changing- growing or decreasing- of spiritual energy.

Meaning, it could be because you're a new medium or that your energy has been increasing because of the greater use. This feeling may die after a while as your energy slows and evens out to a certain potential; by then you could start feeling it more because you are medium.

It's rather difficult to pin point the reason for you exactly but my theories should be fairly close.

If I were you I'd meditate on it a for a bit and test the different ways you can feel it.
* Trying different body part like holding your arms and seeing if they pick up anything.
* Trying different places; there are places around the world that emit greater energy fields such as the Bermuda Triangle (don't go there, it's just an example).
* Try grounding and other methods of borrowing spiritual energy that would include sudden bursts of energy on your part and seeing if it either helps you feel more, causes you to feel less, or doesn't do a thing for you.

Those would be good tests to sort6 of pin point anything you should know about this new ability.
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Re: Earth Energy?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I think a friend if mine is more of a 'comunicating' with the earth.


I'm prety experineced in diferent energys. (not all ofcours)
but i have exparience in dealing with 'soul energy'
and i supose, that it's some relations to spirit or earth energys..
(like more than that it's an energy and related to everything and so on)
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Re: Earth Energy?
Post # 4
thanks everyone for the helpful information i am too looking up on many different energies even energy manipulation etc.. i think this is the best thing to start out with before doing any magical workings like spells etc. even know i am medium. i am not that into casting spells really. but i know i am am a shaman from one of my past lives. and my spirit guide too is a shaman. so i think i got this from my ancestors in my past lives :)

But i am also still new and learning as much as i can.
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