past lives?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> past lives?

past lives?
Post # 1
ok, so i was speaking with my mother the other day, and we somehow ended up on the topic of war movies. she mentioned that if she watches a movie of or even a documentary about world war2, she becoumes physically ill. after seeing the movie, she also experiences some pretty severe nightmares (wouldn't say what in detail). I was wondering if this could be due to a past life? any thoughts, ideas, or opinions welcome.
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Re: past lives?
Post # 2
I forgot to mention that it is only world war 2 that has these effects on her.
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Re: past lives?
Post # 3
I can definitely see it being a past life thing, though I'm not sure how quickly souls reincarnate and all that. It could even be a process out of time itself, or maybe she came back so soon (if that is the case) because she wasn't quite finished here?

It could even be a suppressed childhood trauma, like some very bad nightmare or experience as a child. I know that personally very odd things trigger memories of horrible nightmares I've had. The color green brings me back to the single most... I have no word for it... strange dream of my life. And it can trigger sickness or discomfort, for whatever reason I keep locked deep in my brain lol.

Maybe you could take her to a hypnotherapist, or get some sort of past life reading done? It would be fun and may help her heal in this life.
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Re: past lives?
Post # 4
it does sound like a past life. i had a past life in ancient egypt. every since i was a child, ive had this obsession with egypt. everytime i saw a picture of the pyramids or obelisks i had an overwhelming sense of familarity. i think i was a priest in the temple of anubis.
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Re: past lives?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I do also think it might be a past life thing. (but not ecluding the childhoud part ether. )

I have a fear of salt wather. And deep wather thing. (swiming and such)
but I love sailin and such. And aparently. I'v been a wather crature erlyer to.
(on another "planet, or level of exsistens" )
i know someone would understand what I mean. And some not:)

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Re: past lives?
Post # 6
i would have to agree whit the others it is most likley a past life, though i can sense that the childhood trauma does not have to do whit your mother.

how to find out about past lives do a simple past life reading or you can try those regression sessions i believe they are called.

"and as for me i started to have dreams about my first past life when i was 14 and i still get them and more livid then the other, 810 year old memories is not easy to decipher on your own"
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