Why not?

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Why not?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

This is a very interesting topic,not just for practitioners, and doubts, but for the people here that do not practice any magick, but still are looking for some magickal encounter, or aid. Quite recently, I was asked, by a family member who is quite close to me, and because of this, he knows that I practice magick. He does not know much about what practices I do, but he knows that I can manipulate energies to get a wanted result.
He asked me if I had ever done a spell on someone, and If I would make a spell for him. Of course I explained how magick worked and the karmic values to teach a non practitioner or believer of this force, in terms that he would understand. He understood.

Yet in this site, I recerived an unexpected request, which quite flattered, but indeed, made me think of how many people are misinformed, or take some answers the wrong way, I was asked very politely, If I was able to perform a love spell, for that person. Of course I must add, that I had never in my life heard of this person before, but that is not the case, how many students have I not taken who just come up to me from the blue?

As I answered, the no, I do not perform spells for anyone. I also perceived that this answer could turn out to be quite offensive, and maybe misunderstood by the petitioner.

As you see beginners, and people seeking magickal aid. Though many people have no problem in performing the art, for anothers benefit, many of us do have a problem with it. IT IS NOT THAT WE ARE BEING MEAN, or that we want to keep our magick just to ourselves...

Because many of us believe in the karmic laws, or threefold law, or whatever you want to call it, this means that whatever we do will return back. Performing a magick spell for someone else, especially someone we dont know can bring serious consecuences, in itself many manipulative spells such as the love spells bring their consecuences, and many practitioners do not categorize them in the arts that they perform. Many people have ulterior motives, and franckly it is risky to do magick for someone who even if is close to you, can also be hiding feelings, or prior events that they are unaware of, or just pretend to be. Now, would it be wise to take the fall, and asume the resposibility because you did someone elses dirty work? And it doesnt even have to be dirty, there are tons of other reasons why practitioners wont do magick for other people besides morale.

I hope this gives people a better idea of why they were rejected. Maybe the person wasnt prepared to do the spell you asked, many felt a bad vibe, etc. So please practitioners be wise, and true in your actions, it is wrong to be ripping off people, and people, do understand, that many people dont even think, that doing a spell for someone else is right. Its a matter of each individual.

But even then, you musnt give up hope, magic is truly a divine interaction with life, and its many roads. Though many people will say no to performing your spell, there are many people who will not reject helping you out, in performing a basic spell of your own, which is actually much better than having a complete and utter stranger take control of your love I right? Good luck to you all, and please dont be insulting people just because they said no to you, There are still others who will say yes, and others who will deny certain types of spells, but say yes to others. :)
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Re: Why not?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well said Sesa:)

a smal thing about love spells. Love can't be forced on someone.
But there are spells that some call love spells that seems like making them love someone.

But it's not natural love. Some are simulare to ilusion effeckts or forcing the mind and so one.

But no need to lose hope over that.
There are spells and ways to find love. That helps on finding the one for you.
I used somthing like that.
And I found the love of my soul. (the debate on if it was more fait or that we bouth was reddy. And so on. Is unasward)

no Mather what. It was also help in my wish/spell
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Re: Why not?
Post # 3
i must add that i have no problem with magick and love, hmm ppl are thinking different about now? hear me out, i believe that it should not force love but rather gently attract it or just enlighten a person about a situation or true self of another person which possibly can develop love
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Re: Why not?
Post # 4
Think of it: you cast a love spell on someone. It works brilliantly, and, lo and behold, you get married. Everything goes along swimmingly, until one night, you hear them talking in their sleep, mumbling about someone named Kayla(in this scenario, you are a woman who isn't named Kayla) The next morning, they are holding a picture of some woman, you ask who she is. They say that they think they knew her, her name is Kayla, but they can't remember why or how they know her. She turns out to be the fiancee you stole him from. You realize he holds no true feelings for you, still loves Kayla, and that it was all just magick. That is why I could never cast that sort of spell-they might never have even liked me. It would be the ultimate one-sided relationship, where the love was literally created by one party.
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Re: Why not?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
It doesn't work like that, generally. Love spells are more often than not just an emotional nudge, or a vague compulsion to stay with someone. They won't make you forget you once had a fiance. That seems... rather extreme. Again... This is from 2010. Why are we dredging up stuff from years ago?
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Re: Why not?
Post # 6
We dig stuff from back then because now a days we don't have very much interesting topics. Not trying to be mean, just want you to understand that this site has loads of information just waiting to be read, even if it is 2 years old.

I am glad that you brought this topic back, it is very well written and maybe some new members can look at this and have an understanding.
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