What I find interesting..

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> What I find interesting..

What I find interesting..
Post # 1
I have been reading some of the forums posted here by "covens" and I am fairly amused by it. I suppose the problem is that I do not understand how covens were started and why so many have just appeared and who decides who is knowledgeable enough to be the High Priest and High Priestess? Who decides if the ones in charge of the coven have the knowledge to advise and teach the coven? i have, in the past tried several covens and left each one as they have been true disappointments. Perhaps if someone would e so kind as to share a response or thought with me...I would appreciate it. There is no true disrespect intended just a few honest questions.
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Re: What I find interesting..
Post # 2
we go out on a limb i suppose i mean most high priest/ess's are pretty knowledgeable i suppose i mean i like mine so i have no complaints
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Re: What I find interesting..
Post # 3
Ours had voting because the original Priest and Priestess left.

Honestly, I don't treat the Coven on here as a true coven, and expect to teach anyone anything. We share ideas, issues, and spells and rituals in the Spellbook. :)
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Re: What I find interesting..
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I'm with Aelwyn on this. I belong to a coven in my hometown and it is a registered religous church within the state of Ohio. In covens the High Priestess and High Priest is usually picked amongst the members early in their years so they can be trained properly to be able to take over the coven when the previous High Priestess and High Priest are not able to uphold their office. Most of the High Priestesses and High Priest that run covens in their local areas usually are all properly trained and able to run a group and can also trace their lineage back. There are covens that people start on their own and that's fine as long as these people have proper training and are not as we call them Harry Potter Witches. The coven that I belong to outside of Spells Of Magic has been started by my Grandmother who was taught and trained by her Grandmother. My Grandmother then before she passed made my Step Mother High Priestess and then my Step Mother will choose a heir to take over when she is not able to. Same steps go with our High Priest. My Grandmother and her Priest, which was the covens High Priest at the time, passed his title on to another male in our coven who now is the current High Priest.

The Covens on Spells of Magic is totally different than actual covens. Anyone can can run them, but some of them are voted upon. I was voted into my position as Priest when our old Priest left. Most of the people who run the coven groups on Spells of Magic are usually informative and are capable people to watch over the group making sure it's running smoothly and people are behaving themselves.
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Re: What I find interesting..
Post # 5
Every now and then admin gives a "create a coven" application. After all the silly and bad grammar covens have been deleted and the application closed there is a time period for covens to get members. After that period little ones are deleted and the rest remain.
Anyone can make a coven. Usually priests are not qualified.
People are the thing that makes a coven run. Unexperienced people can see priests as very knowledgeable even if they aren't. So fear, respect, honor etc. make a random person the priest here on SoM.
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