Hi, I'm new!

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Hi, I'm new!
Post # 1
Hi! I'm a 19 years old Italian boy. I've found this site one week ago and I finally decided to register and introduce myself. I've always been interested in magick but this is my first real attempt to learn and cast spells, ritual etc. I've started reading about meditation, grounding, visualization and of course the FAQs of SoM and I've a few questions: browsing the forum I'm wondering about the Role Players...what does this means? (in a magickal way, I know what a role player normally is :D), and if it's impossible to became a vampire/mermaid/angel why those spell are listed? How can I recognise a "good" spell and a "impossible-to-cast" spell?
Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Hi, I'm new!
Post # 2
hello OmniCodex,

allow me to welcome you to the site.

As for your questions where to begin.

well, lets start with the roleplayers, there aren't suppost to be any roleplays here as far as I can tell. As for the spells to become a vampire/mermaid/angel stuff, there normally just "spam spells" spells which people wish could work but never will. As for recognise a good spell, well just look for the simple ones that normally involve the use of the third eye (aka the pineal gland) and medation. Ones that use these are the ones to work the best.Some spells like the more complaceted ones, do work, but its nearly impossable to tell the real from the fake due to the fact that some spells don't work for everyone. There are some spells involving angels, but there mainly summioning and creating them from your own energy. Summionnings will work about 60 to 70% of the time, while creating them will work about 15 to 50% of the time, so basiclly creating angels just comes down to pure luck. As so when you create and angel or summion one its best not to talk to it or show it off infront of people, they'll just think your crazy. My advise since you said your a beginner, would be to meditate until you awaken your third eye (when this happens you'll feel an object in between your eyes on your forhead, then the next day you'll suffer from a really bad head ack that feels like a fever, and then you'll most likely feel tired) after you've awakened your third eye try the spi ball and the spi wheel there the best way to train your third eye.
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