Last night

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Last night
Post # 1
Ok, I never believed in magic, but my grandmother is kind of a witch (crazy old hag as my father calls her). She always keep surprising me with stuff she has no way of knowing... She says the cards told her and they never lied, and she is always right.
Let's say that just for a second I believed in all this, mostly because there are too many coincidences and last night i tried something myself without any knowledge, research and stuff.
I lit 3 candles in a triangle. From one of them a girl I met recently drank few hours earlier and i was too lazy to wash it. I sat in the middle of the triangle with a schoolbook and tried to focus on my today's exam and the questions I will have. i also had a coin in my pocket. Anyway, all my life I never managed to keep my mind on just one thing, always a problem... I was thinking mostly if I'm going to take the exam, and also about the girl since her glass was right in front of me.
1. i found out the coin. Don't know the word in English but it just kept falling on it's backside except the 5th, 7th and 13th time. No kidding, what a coincidence i said.
2. The girl called me... she broke with her BF. Seems he cheated on her...
3. I'm just coming from the exam... i passed, omg... The questions, all but the last one were the ones I opened the textbook at. The last one was from a different textbook. The only question that i opened the book at and wasn't on the exam was the question a friend of mine could not answer and i told him while none of the teachers was looking.

I think I believe! Today I will try something else, maybe make something impossible happen so I can be sure it is not just a coincidence. If this even look like a real spell i suggest you try it since it seems to have worked!
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Re: Last night
Post # 2
don't do eneything stuppid, do you know how mutch energy it takes to cast even the easyest spell, if you do somthing ower you're kapibility it can kill you
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Re: Last night
Post # 3
im sorry atachi but i have to say that is utter rubbish, what energy you lose from a spell you simply regain from the earth, and even if you did something of really high energy usage you would automatically be interrupted from doing the spell, either by knowing you're about to be drained further, or being knocked out, which i never known anyone to do, other things can be used as signals like a nose bleed?

congratulations on your success creed, well done, be careful what pleases you can also damage other people, like that girl breaking up with her BF? was that you? or the narutal turn of events? it may have been great for you, but that girls heart must be in pieces.

again well done for your success in your exam
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Re: Last night
Post # 4
that depends on what kind of magic you use, and how long you has ben doing magic and energy things (that is what i has read in books atleast)
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Re: Last night
Post # 5
All magick is the same, the amount of energy you use differs from person to person and depends on what you're doing.

That being said, I have to agree...I've never heard of someone dying from expelling to much energy. At worst you will, as mentioned, pass out...but the energy will replenish.
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Re: Last night
Post # 6
Well, I tried and felt like... not drained, more like empty and knew it didn't work. Anyway, I reworked the spell and it gave some result... but seems I'll have to rework it again, because if it's impossible it's not going to happen. I did 8 spells, and the only ones that worked and worked 100% were the luck spells, but if there is 0% chance you can't make it any bigger
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