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Finally here...
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

Took a few weeks until I received my confirmation e-mail but I'm finally in. :)

Since this is the introduction section I will just say a few words of myself.

Growing up in a country where witchcraft, divination is pretty much a village - discrete - life part, this never was too far from me. Our mother took good care of us kids' health simply by her nurtured garden, we hardly had to see doctors. Card divination was her favorite past time. Officially Catholics, yet behind closed doors she did her share of touch with our Earth Mother.

I actively started practicing witchcraft, learning the path of Wicca in around 2002, two years after I came to USA. I took my life in my own hand and it's got better. So well that when I moved to Los Angeles success was just something slowly made me neglect all the treasure and life style I have grew into. Not surprise there that in 2008 things started to go down in my life just like in many others' and I just recently realized where have I gone wrong in the last few years...

Was it a dream or just a "heureka" moment, I don't know but few weeks ago I dug out all my tools I have not used in a long time, set up my altar and got back to the right track.

Will take time with rituals, spells, prayers but my life will get back to the right path eventually. Meanwhile I wanted to find a community, kindred souls, people who are on the same path, and I found this website. Read it, browsed it, checked out a few of you, some on youtube as well and I decided that I liked this community. Took some time until I was able to get in as a member but I have been reading around.

One can never stop learning.

I'm sorry for the long post and the glitchy English. That was my introduction.

Blessed be you all!
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Re: Finally here...
Post # 2
Welcome!!!! It is great to have a "new" person with out the pleas for help! I know you will fall in love with this family like I have.
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Re: Finally here...
Post # 3
Thank you Juju,

no I don't need help as long as I can read :) I have pretty much got what I know today from family heritage, many books, practice and yes awesome websites - like this one :)

I do however offer my help occasionally, where I am certain i can be useful.
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Re: Finally here...
Post # 4
Welcome!!! Ditto post #2 lol. I wouldn't become prejudice towards any religion, I'm catholic and some people tell me I'm stupid for frowning on witchcraft, I DON'T FROWN ON WITCHCRAFT, I SIMPLY DON'T DO IT.
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Re: Finally here...
Post # 5
Religions are religions. As we all know beliefs and actions based on that shape your life, not a religion itself.

And thanks for the welcoming! :) I already love it here. Forum might become my favorite place to be :P
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Re: Finally here...
Post # 6
Hope you enjoy!
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