Sigils in spells

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Sigils in spells
Post # 1
I was listening to a really helpful video on why magic doesn't always work for people, how people stop work against themselves.

The woman said your subconcious can work against your concious, and that rather than focusing on your desire while doing the spell, its better to create a sigil of the desire and focus on that while casting the spell.

Would people agree that this is something that would work, taking a spell from this site and incorporating a sigil, or would that null the spell.
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Re: Sigils in spells
Post # 2
I think you have to take in account what makes the actual spell in the first place.

The spells from this site, or any site...are just words. Words with some meaning but usually little importance.

What makes the spell is the energy, or will behind it. You don't need words or candles or tools in a spell. You can focus on your intent silently and still cast an effective "spell".

A sigil wouldn't null the spell at all.

While I agree the subconscious can work against the conscious, creating the sigil in the first place still requires focus of desire, and concentrating on the sigil after created is STILL focusing on the desire.

My usual rule of thumb for doing any spell is to breathe deeply and think of the outcomes. If any of the possible outcomes I can logically think of make me feel bad or unsure...I don't do the spell, or do one to help me to find strength/courage/wisdom to over come said situation. That, for me atleast, helps me have the success I do when casting and not have any ill feelings or guilt hinder the flow of energy.
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Re: Sigils in spells
Post # 3
You can sigilize the final version of the spell. Take out the vowels and with one of each consonants in the text you construct a sigil as those who do chaos magick do. This concentrates the energy of the spell into a visual reference.
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