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spell question
Post # 1
I have a question. I am new and do not know a whole lot about wicca and stuff. But I was wondering if there was a spell you could use for your partner who wants out of a relationship a way to make them feel less guilty and more willing to go for the person they would rather be with? I just want him to be happy and being with me isn't it. So is there a spell where you can make them see what they really want and move on without feeling so guilty.
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Re: spell question
Post # 2
Just tell him to go it doesn't require magic but if u insist on it look under spells on this site under love and there are a couple break up spells
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Re: spell question
Post # 3
I would say be careful what you wish for, you stated you are not that good with spells,casting a spell requires you to know your basics, it could backfire on you.
Might i suggest sitting down and talking through your problems, it may not be you thats making him unhappy it could be a number of things stress related to work,money worries ect.
It could be solved without using magic ,spells are not always the answer.
Hope things work out for you.
Bright blessings Ginseng.
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Re: spell question
Post # 4
I have to agree, magick isn't always the answer.

We all have guilt at times or heartache, but these are things we go through to make us more emotionally mature. It's simply a part of life.

If your partner is unhappy, tell them you are leaving them with no hard feelings and to go be happy. It's not healthy for either of you to be in a relationship where someone isn't digging it.

There's really no magick required for this. Let them go and learn to deal with their emotions on their own. It's the only way for them to grow.
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Re: spell question
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
As the others have said, this is not a situation that calls for magic. What it does call for is sitting down and letting your partner know that it's OK if they want to move on and that you hold no hard feelings towards them. People change and relationships change, that is simply a part of life. People need time to work through their feelings and emotions. If you shortcut that with magic you don't permit them to do the necessary work to get straight with themselves.

Introducing magic into a situation that doesn't call for it is a good way to end up in a worse situation than you had to start with.

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