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Forums -> Magic Items -> Help!!!!!

Post # 1
Everyone, I need your assistance. I have acknowledged the magical world roughly 9 months ago.However,I have not preformed a single spell. I ask those who can help me to do so and please don't do the "go on newbie central" thing because I have been there sevral timesand has not helped once. On an unrealated topic, yesterday, when I waswalking home, a part of my right index finger was growing unnusally hot. during that time, energy kept flowing out of me and the only two things i felt were hatred and fear from a murder in our city. (Stabbing)So I ask you now, not for me but for my family, help me learn so that i can learn some sort of magic that can help me protect them. they are everything to me, and i'm not going to lose them without a fight.
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Re: Help!!!!!
Post # 2
mmmm, a broad sword and butted chain maill perhaps? jk, but i am good at magic over long distances, so i can cast a couple spells to help protect you and get the stabber caught
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Re: Help!!!!!
Post # 3
If you really want to protect yourself against a murderer just get a weapon. A gun if few million times more effective than a wand.
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Re: Help!!!!!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
If the murder never coms. U don't need the gun.
Or a 'go away' kind of spell could be at use.

Also a 'hiding' form of spell would be somthing.
Becous if you do (or a family member) do meet the murder,
with the meaning to kill. The gun is the moste usefull...
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Re: Help!!!!!
Post # 5

First of all, you seem really anxious and desperate to learn. While I can understand why ( to some degree ), those emotions make for sloppy work.

It will take time for you to learn, as well as be compotent enough to actually cast. Granted, I have seen students who simply excel and are truely ready in a short period of time, but it's rare and something that cannot be faked.

The things you should be learning from Newbie Central, are written there in the short and sweet version. You should actually google most parts of it to get more information.

If you need help and are willing to actually put in the work, contact me and I can see what lessons I can find for you.
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