Owls in dreams

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Owls in dreams
Post # 1
This is going to sound really pedantic but does a tawny owl represent anything in particular? I only ask as I have had a recurring dream lately where it is just an owl sitting on a spade handle watching me, not much else happens really, a bit strange I know lol. I realise they are often attributed to wisdom and a magical nature but I can't really interpret the dream.

Anyways thanks for reading and I would appreciate any knowledge on the subject, Zoe
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Re: Owls in dreams
Post # 2
While this may not necessarily mean anything in your case, the owl is also respresentation of death and darkness.

I know for me personally, everytime I see an owl someone close to me dies. I don't just see the critters from afar either. Usually 10 feet from me during the day. If I start seeing them in my dreams I may have a heart attack lol

I'm no good at dream interps, but have you cosnidered it may be your spirit animal?
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Re: Owls in dreams
Post # 3
Uh oh :S lol well heres hoping its not necessarilly death related :) I have considered it to be my spirit animal bt it feels somewhat different, I mean a typical spirit animal you would feel a connection to where as this is a very much isolated presence
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Re: Owls in dreams
Post # 4
It is possible that it could be a spirit animal. Not every spirit animal will connect with you right off. Just like a physical animal, you need to gain trust and form a relationship. It may or may not be a guide, but that's for you to discover.
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Re: Owls in dreams
Post # 5
Thanks I am certainly planning to look into it but as I said it doesn't feel like a spirit animal, I have a couple already, both different birds (one raven and one eagle) so the theme would appear to fit (I'm aware this isn't how it happens but it would still "fit in") but there is something different about the owl, I don't really know how to explain the instantaneous relationship, or lack there of, it just seems different to that somehow, it does have the feeling of just being a repetitive (possibly prophetic, I don't know) dream in a way, as I say I can't necessarily describe the feeling very accurately, sorry if I'm not much help there.
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Re: Owls in dreams
Post # 6
They represent intelligence, wisdom and learning as well.

"In China they are seen as signs of coming misfortune. According to the Hottentot people of Africa, the hooting of an owl at night is an omen of death.

Early cultures in Mexico regarded owls as sacred to the rain god, but later the Aztecs of the same region viewed them as evil night demons. Some Native American legends portray owls as destructive and malicious; others show them as helpful beings who warn people of dangers. The stories may include a person who is transformed into an owl. In the Navajo creation myth, an owl resolves a bitter quarrel between men and women, allowing the creation of the human race." (From:

"Owl has been thought of as mysterious mainly because she?s nocturnal, flies silently, has sharp eyesight and hearing and attacks her prey swiftly. Those who fear her have thoughts of her presaging doom. People who admire her think of insight and knowledge.
Owl The Raptor

Owls, with the exception of the great grey owl, are nocturnal predators. Because their thick feathers have soft edges, flight is silent, allowing them to pounce on their prey without warning. These birds have the sharpest night vision of all animals. Their hearing is extremely keen.

These carnivores, closely related to hawks, are found on every continent except Antarctica. They have two styles of hunting. One is to perch on a branch of a tree, waiting for prey and, when spotted, suddenly striking. The other is flying near the ground to hunt for quarry.

Owls? prey includes other birds, rodents, frogs, insects and fish. Large ones will also hunt foxes, weasels and fawns. These birds have no significant predators.
Celtic Owl Tradition

Cailleach-oidhche, Owl, represents wisdom, stealth, initiation, change and detachment. She is associated with arcane lore, clairvoyance, seeking deeper knowledge and death as a new beginning. Owl is aware of her surroundings at all times, has great intuition and the courage to follow her instincts. She offers keen insight into obscure occurrences, a bringer of hidden truth, omens and secrets. She is the power animal of psychics." (From:

Deities associated with owls include Athena, Ares, Hades, Lakshmi, Pueo-Nui-Akea, Durga, Epopeus, Blodeuwedd, Quaayap, Ascalaphus, Chia, Indra, Lilith, and Minerva.
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Re: Owls in dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Owls in dreams sometimes mean someone is watching over you
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