the tower

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the tower
Post # 1
I have been reading the tarot every day for a few months now and last month i went through a period of trauma and my world is basically upside down. The thing is that now about 80% of my readings, i get 'the tower' card which is basically like a nightmare. Although it's accurate the fact that it has started appearing during this time, i am finding it hard to see any obvious positives when reading it, i have tried reading the other cards in the layout to find a more positive suggestion that it might be hiding but i cant seem to find any. Does anyone have any suggestions about the card that i don't know or is the card just a bad omen?
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Re: the tower
Post # 2
Hmmm well I don't know about your situation, so I can't too accurately pinpoint anything... Do you feel that the trauma has passed, that all the bad stuff is over now? I freak out too when I get The Tower, lol. If it were to have a positive meaning, I would interpret it as rebuilding of a tower, starting new and taking things higher and better than before.
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Re: the tower
Post # 3
thanks for your opinion, it makes sense and I must admit that I didnt actually consider that it might be telling me to re-build, just saw the alarm bells lol.
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Re: the tower
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
is the tower card reversed or upright? to pull the tower is like a slap inthe face and if it keeps coming upthen theres a lesson that needs learning from it, when u have learnt the lesson the card will stop popping up so maybe ur missing something that the card is saying, if its reversed then it means the situation isnt as bad as what it could be meaning theres n great shock in store just the same type of drama, the cards before it can give some idea what area this can be related to.
some times the cards like to give us a kick start to re thinking things on how we go about them so i would ask what is it ur not seeing or not wonting to deal with x
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Re: the tower
Post # 5
I don't necessarily always read the Tower as being negative. I think the best course of action is to look at the cards surrounding it, because sometimes the Tower can indicate a sudden, unexpected change in life. Also, Major Arcana cards are associated with karma, so like spiritwolf said, it might just be a lesson you're not learning.

Good luck!
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