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Post # 1
I wanted to know how you would be able to tell the difference between being cursed by someone and bad karma as well as if you might have picked up negative energy somewhere.
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Re: Curse
Post # 2
negative energy drains you-- you get real tired,and feel DRAINED-- you can fight this off by wearing a terminated amethyst crystal necklace /also burning black candles dispells negativaty, as for a curse-- bad things keep happening or unexplainable illnesses-- i recommend making a witch bottle, you need a jar with a lid-- you put in the jar sea salt, broken glass, pins and needles and nails, a clove of garlic, you can also add some of your own urine or blood to bind the spell to yourself-- put the lid on the jar tight-- you can hide in your home or bury outside of your house on you property-- it sends the evil spells back to the person that sent the spell to you in the first place/ also to uncross yourself you need a purple candle, dragons blood oil-- coat the candle with the dragons blood oil-- on a piece of paper write your full name 9 x-- than write over your 9 names-- uncross/ or to reverese a curse write reverse a curse-- put paper under candle, pour a circle of salt around candle--light and concentrate on the candle and your intention-- do not leave candle unattended-- and let it burn out on its own and the spell is complete. eosjos
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Re: Curse
Post # 3
In my experience, negative energy can go away through meditation. So long as it's not a purposeful energy invasion anyways.

Another way to remove a curse is to put a mirror, with the reflective side facing out, to your window. It's said the negative magick will bounce off the mirror and back to the person sending it.

As far as how to tell the difference...try the meditation and mirror first. If you still experience "bad" things then you need to think about something. Are YOU creating the negatives through worry or guilt of something?

My take on karma is that it's nothing more than ones own guilt causing the reactions.
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Re: Curse
Post # 4
I agree with Nevermore about karma, its what you make of it, beleiving every bad thing you do will come and bite you is the bum, it probably will, and saying that it doesn't matter how much good you do, it does not get replaid by some magical force IMO, People make their own karma.
However if you believe you are seriously cursed you should seek professional help unless you know exactly what you are doing.
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Re: Curse
Post # 5
Usually you can "trace" the curse back to whoever did it (there are some people smart enough to do things to stop that, but most don't). Just follow the energy.

Do a reading, as well.

We use "Karma" in the wrong sense. Here is what Karma truly is: (It's a great article, even going through this whole new age idea of what Karma is).
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