devil card raider waite

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> devil card raider waite

devil card raider waite
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Ok the devil- raider Waite deck
Is number 15
If we add 1 + 5 it breaks down to the number 6
Did you know that 6 is the number of LOVE
6 is also the number of the lovers card
And if you look at the couple in both cards
They are the same couple
So the positive aspects and hence the lovers are generosity, sympathetic nature, being self sacrificing etc
It?s also the number of marriage and partnerships
So if we apply it to the devil
It?s the negative aspects
So generosity only applies if it gets them something in return
Implies being unsympathetic
That more or less covers the numerology
So onto astrology
The devil is associated with Capricorn
The horned goat
Capricorn begins at the winter solstice
The longest period of darkness during the day
The horned god
So during the solstice the sun visits the underworld
Very apt for our little devil
Capricorn is associated with Saturn
A very strict task master
And when we consider addictions
And how hard it is to break from them
Ok Saturn is the critic and the judge
But he can also be a teacher and a sage
So for those who manage to escape the clutches of the devil?
Valuable lessons can have been learnt
Right onto colours
Black the main colour of the card is associated with the unknown, the dark, and the mysterious
Red and orange are associated with passion and pleasure, primal urges
So onto the pentacle
Which is reversed?
And hence indicates that the heart is ruling the head
So we WILL have what the heart wants
Rather than what the head tells us is right
Chains are an indication of bondage, slavery, restriction, conflict
And are a message that we may be in a situation we have become a slave to
Our thoughts
Our vices
But that is precisely what the devil is about
That type of fantasy
Made real
Even though we know it aint good for us
Ok the man?s tail is made of fire
Fire can be both creative and destructive
Can also be a test of faith
On the woman?s is a bunch of grapes
Which represents fertility?
You might want to consider summit also
When dealing with the pentacles
The only other card with a pentacle is the devil and the magician
Ok finally the tree of life / kabala
It?s a benediction
The same as given by the pope
Or the hierophant
A blessing
Ok kabala
On the tree of life
The devil
Is on the path from tiphareth to hod
The drive of this path is: freedom of spirit, independence of mind
The side would be: independence, never serving, never accepting dogma
But the shadow side would be: darkness, loneliness, being an outcast
Ok you need to look up a picture of the tree of life
There are ten siporeth
And between them are twenty two paths
Each one associated with a major arcana card
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Re: devil card raider waite
Post # 2
i have been brainwashed by the 3 sixes and all sorts of blah blahs please dont mess u my mind... im already down...
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Re: devil card raider waite
Post # 3
Very interesting insight... thankyou spirit wolf
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Re: devil card raider waite
Post # 4
this is great thanks for this x
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Re: devil card raider waite
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
i absolutely love this post since Devil is my card andi do associate my personality with it .Very well put .Thank you spiritwolf .
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