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No Subject
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Programming Your Body

This technique in my opinion is the first technique you should learn if your going to master biokinesis. It is quite simple however you must concentrate deeply to perform it. If your starting biokinesis, I?d advise you to meditate before you do this technique so that when your ready, you can fully concentrate. First thing that you should do is think about what you want to program it to do. Then picture you DNA patterns changing, along with every cell in your body. Change your DNA according to what you want to do. If you want to become physically faster, picture your cells in your body moving faster every time you move. Picture your DNA patterns moving faster. If you want to become stronger picture your cells tougher and more sturdy. As your picturing all of this, try to make your body do these things that your picturing. That?s basically how you program your body.

Morphing into bio

This technique is basically morphing your entire body, physically and mentally. This is one of the more advanced techniques. you can use this technique for stuff such as to overcome fear ,sleepiness, and most of all the way you think. This technique makes you stronger, faster, and makes you do things you didn?t think you were capable of because it effects the way you think to where you think anything?s possible. First thing you have to do is program your body to make yourself stronger and faster. Change your cells to fix your weaknesses and to make your strengths stronger. Now you have done the easy part. Now for the harder part. To change the way you think. You must power up using ki, produce as much power as you think you can. Now put that energy in every little cell. Distribute that energy evenly. Now try to control that energy. Your mind will react funny because your going to feel as if you?ve never been stronger, nor faster and feeling like this will make someone in bio overconfident as well. But you wont feel as if something?s, impossible, you wont give up as easily, you wont be scared of anything, so your mind basically will think differently on its own. Do NOT attempt this technique if you are a beginner in biokinesis. I recommend practicing biokinesis at least 2 months more or less, before trying this technique for your first time because you need the experience. The less energy you have when you try this technique, is the harder it is to stay morphed for long. When I?m morphed from using biokinesis I call myself Bio. Which is why this technique is called morphing into bio. Good luck and don?t burn your energy out.

Body Enlargement

This technique is one I think is the easiest and hardest technique that I have mastered. The easy thing is you see your body getting bigger in like 18 seconds more or less. However the hard thing about it is you have to try and stay in biokinesis for as long as you want your body to stay the size it is. To do this technique you must have mastered the ability to use biokinesis to program your body. Once you?ve learned to do that, you must try to program your cells in your body to expand. once you have programmed your cells to expand, tense your muscles tighter. Try to keep in mind what your trying to do. Picture your body getting a half inch bigger every breath you take. Keep your muscles tense and tense them even more until you cant anymore but do this slowly. Feel the ki in your body in every cell that you have. After a while your going to get to the point where you cant tense your muscles anymore. Now look at your body while your muscles are still tense. You should clearly notice your body has gotten bigger. But once you let go of the ki that your cells used to get bigger and once you stop tensing your muscles your body will instantly go back to its normal size and you will feel dramatically weaker. It takes alot of energy to perform this move. And be careful. this move should be taken very seriously because if you use to much energy you can burn yourself out and possibly faint. I recommend that you take this move under the intermediate level. So if your a beginner in biokinesis I don?t recommend this move for you but some beginners do accomplish this move. (bare in mind, once your body is bigger, you become slower than you normally are and once you go back to your normal size, it will feel as if your energy?s been drained. But you are stronger in this mode)

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Re: No Subject
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