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Post # 1
when i was young i always had known there was something about me that set me apart from everyone else i knew. but i didnt know what it was. i have died eight times to this date. and i think that my gift is what has helped me stay alive. until a couple of years ago i had no idea what it was. i can heal. i have healed myself countless times. the very first time i concously healed myself was when i was 13. it was around 8o'clock at night. my head started hurting. i sat down on my couch. i rested for awhile to see if it would go away. but it only got worse. by then my head had started throbbing and my stomach was very quezzy and i felt noushouse. about 15 minutes later i was the worse. i was shaking all over uncontrolably. i threw up like six times. it got so bad that i just started chanting ''go away'' over and over. i tried concentrating on feeling better while saying ''go away'' over and over. at the time i had no idea that anything would really happen...within seconds my body was feeling better. it all passed. scince then i have been contemplating weather or not to find out what else i can do. so far i have just healed.. people. which is what i have come here to try to find some one(s) who can help better my gift. recently i have been helping my friends out. if they are in pain i heal them. my friend got cut by a bolt on a desk and she said that it really hurt. so i told her i would heal it. i put my hand over it. closed my eyes. and concentrated on the pain leaving her body. afterwards. i felt alittle shaky. but she said she felt better that it didnt hurt anymore. so i felt better too. i hope to find someone to help me better my gift so i can help people better.
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Re: healing
Post # 2
Hey. I know what you mean. I'm a natural healer too. At the moment I am learning from a man called IcePriest. I don't know if he's taking anymore students at the moment though. I also know some about healing. I could teach you what I know. There used to be an awesome healing coven here but it got deleted about a week ago. :( I'm willing to help as much as I can.
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Re: healing
Post # 3
sure. i dont mind. i have one teacher already. but i guess it couldnt hurt to have more help. i will mail you my emails so we can talk else where.
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