Items for intense rituals

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Items for intense rituals
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Hi, i am from Romania and i have some offers for ones interested in more "heavy" stuff.

1 -soil from some specific places who can be used in make very powerful magic circles or in geomancy. The soil is collected from places with extremly powerful energetic charge, specificaly places where Vlad Tepes (aka Vlad the Impaler, aka Vlad Dracula) make ones of his famous mass impalements, and from his fortress. Because of the amount of peoples (thousand, and even tens of thousands) killed in the same time, in a slowly and nasty way, all kind of their vital energies splited was absorbed by the sourounding nature, especialy soil, who was impregnated at fully with such chaotic but extremly vivid and powerful life energy (some of the this mass impalements was done in geometrical arranged forms, so the energy released by the peoples impaled was chanelled even beter in the sourondings and the soil). This is mostly for skilled magicians, who know how to deal with such stuff, and who think they can control proper what they doing and the energies involved.

2- soil selected from specific places called Hartmann lines and knots, places where Earth radiating energies arranged in a grid like system (like meridians from geography cross eachother but much more dense), the east-west ( little wider) lines with north-south (a bit smaller) ones crossing eachother at about 2 meters. Soil is took from a specific depth on the Earth, using a formula for calculus so have the best properties and energy absorbed. This "radiating energy" influence unseen peoples lives and health and can be influenced by other factors as subterraneus waters, mineral reservoirs, materials used in a building construction, etc., and some of them are "bad", as "absorbing" energy and weakening the body or bombarding him with "bad energy", and some of them can be "good" as releasing energy who can be healthy and recharcing the body with good energy. This particularities can be translated to soil for a period, who is impregnated to this energies radiated by Earth, and such soil can be used in some rituals, depends on skills and desires of someone, concentrating or spreading the energy contained for diferent purposes, until the energy absorbed by that soil is naturaly vanished from its structure.

If you are interested, please contact me for more details
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