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By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
These are the instructions for those who are new to the development class (1) Grounding exercises help maintain a balance of our physical and spiritual bodies - there are several articles on grounding on the internet about grounding. Look them up and build your own grounding exercise. As an example this is the one I use ... Breath in with your nose and breath out through your mouth. Think of yourself as a tree. Focus on your feet and visualize roots growing down from your feet and go deep into the ground. Then shift your attention onto your trunk and leaves and visualise yourself reaching out to the energy in the air and above. (2) Opening the Chakras There are several articles on opening the chakras on the internet. Look them up and build your own exercise for opening the chakras. As an example this is the one I use ... After grounding visualise a beam of light that enters your body at the tail bone and from there flows to the first chakra (root chakra). Think of the chakra as a disk or flower and allow the beam of light to spin the chakra/disk/flower faster. Continue up through the other chakras with the same visualisation and after reaching the seventh chakra allow the beam of light to leave your body through the top of your head and into the air above. (3) Entering Sacred Space Sacred space is a place we build within our minds - a place where we feel safe and where we can visualise events happening. You need to build your own sacred space within your mind as it is often used in the exercises in class. As an example, my own sacred space is a chapel in the middle of a wild forest. Inside the chapel I am protected by the archangels and I often meet my guides and others in spirit here. (4) Close the chakras When you have left your sacred space, bring your beam of light back down into your body and to the seventh chakra... allow the beam of light to slow the spinning of that chakra/disk/flower and then do the same with all the other chakras and finally allow the light to leave your body via the tail bone. (5) Ground again
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Re: grounding
Post # 2
This is a good basic technique that everyone should learn the value of it. Grounding is of utmost importance to maintain a balanced state of esoteric cultivation and all around health.
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