symboligy of tarot cards

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> symboligy of tarot cards

symboligy of tarot cards
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Lion represents our ego, our desire often described as our drive to achieve our goals in life, the lady controls is mouth symbolizing the control of speech.
Mountains this is the challenges we face and how we deal with them, to achieve our goals in life we have to climb our way to gain them.
Wreath symbolises our victories and our achievements what we have overcome, often described as the infinity sign.
Apron of flowers match the ones in her hair symbolises the control of mind over desire.
Women herself stands for the softer side of us; she is closely link to the magician.
Infinity sign often related to the yin and the yang, also the sign of the serpent biting his own tail.
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Re: symboligy of tarot cards
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Symboligy of the lovers
says it could be anything, although it indicates love and fruitfulness it can also mean a strong desire that you feel passionate about such as your health, family or even a hobby.
This card connects us to our emotions we all need to love and to feel love.
The snake may look untrusting but he symbols an inner wisdom reminding us to listen to ourselves and what we really wont in life.
Meaning these are obstacles that we have to face.
The trees have fresh growth a sign that things are beginning to grow with a loving touch this will grow strong, also connected to the tree of knowledge the fruit is apple so also connected to the Garden of Eden.
Michael often connected to the judgment card and to fire also could be a passion.
Meaning expansion, and creativity depending on where in the sky the sun is can indicate different meanings, the sun is at mid day so symbolising full force
Clouds mean an epiphany out of nowhere, this great idea, who put it there?
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Re: symboligy of tarot cards
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Keywords for the strength card
Inner strength reminds us that we have the power to carry on regardless how we feel.
Vision gives us insight and a goal to aim for.
Self control shows we can manage a situation under pressure without blowing things out of proportion and panicking.
Balance to keep both feet on the ground and to stay level headed.
Courage to face our fears and know that they can be achieved.
Understanding to gain insight on compassion so we can feel others pain in order to see from their point of view.
Compassion and understanding to make us better to sympathy?s the needs of others.
Patience to look inside ourselves and know when to plan our next move.
Self discipline in order to become a better person a need to overcome our own addictions so self discipline is needed for a clearer direction.
Power to take control of any given situation and turn it round to our advantage.

i had underlined the keywords but it didnt come out sorry
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Re: symboligy of tarot cards
By: / Novice
Post # 4
intresting, thanks
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