Forms to Astral Travel

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Forms to Astral Travel
Post # 1
When astral traveling there are different forms the mind, body ad conscience can take.

These forms are called the ''subtle bodies''.
Subtle bodies differ in density; how close together the particles in their makeup are.

The subtle bodies also range in ability and mobility.
There are 5 subtle bodies, let us take a closer look at them.

The least densest, the Casual Body or ''abstract mind'' is exactly how it sounds. ''Absract'' meaning far from reality or not concrete.

The second to least dense would be the Mental Body or ''concrete mind''. ''Concrete'' meaning very close to reality.

The middle or 3 densest subtle body is know as the Astral Body. This is the form most often used during astral travel.

Then we have the second densest subtle body, the Etheric Body. The Etheric Body is very dense, so much in that some people may be able to see it.

Last subtle body really isn't subtle at all, the Physical Body. All are familiar with this one in that is completely solid and a littl liquid ;) and that it can not move beyond this plane. The body of which has skin, bones, organs etc...


High planes- planes resting on or above the physical plane (this plane)
Low planes- planes resting below the physical plane


Thank you for reading.
If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask me here of email me.

Always Happy to Help
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Re: Forms to Astral Travel
Post # 2
I think I may start putting some of my lessons in here, though not the entire lessons I save most of it for my coven. ;)
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Re: Forms to Astral Travel
Post # 3
In astral projection there are different ''types'' or projecting.
In other words, learning Ap (astral projection) is in much more depth than many would think in that there are different ways or variants to it.

These variants correspond with a few of your subtle bodies;
Ehteric Body
Astral Body
Mental Body/Concrete Mind

Those range in level of density as well as difficulty; Etheric being the hardest to achieve and Mental generally being the easiest.

I present the 3 variants of Astral Projection, well in this lessons I'd prefer to use the term Projection because ''Astral'' is technically a variant of itself; the literal and general definitions...
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