How to shapeshift

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How to shapeshift
Post # 1
Help! I really need a way to shapeshift, can you please tell me if you know.

Re: How to shapeshift
Post # 2
It would be best to specify the characteristics you want. You don't want your human intelligence to go down because of the animal influence for example. You can use the image of a wolf, feel its aura, look at pictures of wolves and feel their energy etc for your aura to absorb all that, but you want the human equivalent of these qualities, and to transform the wolf qualities in a way that works for a human. Some occultists practices shape shifting and got into trouble because they absorbed the characteristics of the animal so much that it changed them into people who could not relate to other people. Berserkers (bear warriors) are one example, and maybe the legends of werewolves are related to this as well.

If you use the world template to represent specific qualities instead of trying to absorb the WHOLE spirit of the animal, you should be ok.

Re: How to shapeshift
Post # 3
look ito shamanism and druidry

Re: How to shapeshift
Post # 4
As a trainee shaman, I am able to give an opinion.

Physical shapeshifting would take a great miracle, and lots of effort. It may take a while to achieve the results you would like.
I am trying to shapeshift into a doe at the moment, and have only managed one hands fingers to become hoof like and a little bit grey.

However, if you do not do it correctly, you may have no control over your animal body, or not be able to turn back. But taking the time to help yourself become a shapeshifter is a great chance, you may be victorious in becoming one, which would be rare, or you could simply end up muddled up and confused.

If you want to work up to the actual shapeshifting, it is better to do a thing which some shamans may call 'Joining' which is just the mental joining of an animal to yourself, if you want to get the physical change well enough, it is best to join with the animal you want to morph into. Seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, smelling what they smell, touching what they touch, and tasteing what they taste. You should be warned though, do not do this for a long time, for the animal itself will also get strange feelings.

If you want to make a quick commitment, it would be better to contact a shaman who has theirself made the change.

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