Charging Money to learn

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Charging Money to learn
Post # 1
I am running across more and more sites lately that are charging people to learn paganism/witchcraft.

One should not charge. The teaching of the craft has been and should remain a free thing.

What do you all think?
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Re: Charging Money to learn
Post # 2
I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to the subject of free learning. I believe everything comes with a price, but this price shouldn't be measured in dollars. I firmly believe that if you want to spread your philosophy and teachings that it should be done in your free time while you hold a decent day job. I hate seeing people make a profit out of peddling their opinions. As for learning Paganism, thankfully there are enough free resources online to get a decent grip of where you want to go. Then the only payment you make is what you spend investing in books and tools, which can be kept for a lifetime. I don't know if covens charge money for anything or do collections? Maybe someone with coven experience can enlighten me?

Some people charge for energy working workshops, which I'm ok with depending on the price. Call me cheap, lol, but I like teaching myself... so I tend to be very cynical of the intentions of teachers charging money. Maybe it's my bad experiences with school systems.

I'd never pay money to a site claiming to teach Paganism and related stuff. There are plenty of sites I can read for free, and the library is always free. :) I never make a monetary investment in magick-related books until I have thoroughly perused it at the bookstore or from renting it from a library.
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Re: Charging Money to learn
Post # 3
No we do not charge money. When I first joined the Children of Luna coven in Fresno, California, I was wondering about that. But covens definitely do not charge money. And if they do, there is something wrong. HP and HPS better check themselves or the covenmates will put them in check :O)

Magic is free knowledge whether you are solitary eclectic or in a trad. The only difference between the two is one is oathbound and the other is not.
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