No literal Wicca??>;P

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Forums -> Covens -> No literal Wicca??>;P
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No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 1
I think that this site needs a new coven devoted completely and utterly to teaching the path of Wicca/Paganism (God/Goddess).

I would start it but I simply do not have the education or the time to devote myself to being a H.P. of an online coven:P

Just a suggestion for and (experienced) Wiccan with the time to devote themselves to this.



Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I've been Wiccan for nearly 30 years and I'd be happy to help with this. But my understanding is that Pet doesn't want to add any new covens at this time. Perhaps sometime in the future it might be possible.


Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 3
There is already so much information on the net about Wicca. We do not need a coven for it.

Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 4
thankyou so much!:D

Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 5
I ran into a similar problem months ago, with all the new ideas and mixing of paths a lot of the old ways seemed lost. So we created a separate site from SOM housing just that. Dragon Magick has been around for centuries, and dates back to the Druid period. Though we have a Clan on this site, not much can be done with it. There is information scattered across the web. So we started a site, and started compiling information. Quickly it grew into a Clan of its own, now there are classes, an active Council, and even a Clan newspaper starting soon. I am truly amazed in its growth, and activity of its members.
Though SOM has been around for years, is an excellent place to share ideas & meet people of common interests. It still doesn't allow you the advantages of an outside site. Our site is now no longer just a site, it is home to more than 50 highly active people that seem to have more passion, desire, and motivation that an Army headed to war.
Just because you hit a block in the road, don't give up. If you have the passion & drive you will quickly find others who share your goals.

Dragon Blessings,
~Draggy (Priest Dragon Magick & New Dawn Clans)

Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 6
"well there is so much information on the net about all the other practices of all the other covens so why should we waste our time making covens at all.

Think before you type."

Maybe it should be you thinking before you type.
When I search up Wicca on the internet, lots of information comes up on that and New Age praticies.
Where exactly are you looking? And also there is plenty of information on this site on Wicca too.
You need to look around more.

Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 7
Divine Spirits (though not mentioned in the coven description because of my lack of time at the moment) is actually a coven that teaches a little of everything with a main focus on wicca.

Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 8
im confused, the original poster here never said that they wanted to see a coven for pure wicca because of lack of information elsewhere. so why are people jumping down her throat for it?

Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 9
A Coven to follow the idealisms and foundations of a Magick practice that started long before anyone came to America, and even before a long haired hippie was crucified on a cross I believe is a great idea. True there are a couple Covens already here that "Share" some of the same ideals, but they in no way follow the practice as a whole. The Covens here currently mix a lot of ideas and doctrines together, and for the most part are not Wicca. And those in these Covens would be Neo-Pagans, or "New Age". The Neo idea is not Wicca and most of those members do not hold the same core beliefs as one who would be called Wiccan would.

As for Pet stating no more Covens, for those who are honest and do know what they are talking about this sucks. But to safe guard the site as a whole this is good. Currently there are way too many Role-players, too many "godlike" coven leaders, and a couple covens that currently should have never been allowed. And honestly should be wiped.

The only thing I could suggest is type up a proposal and petition Pet with it. Though one of his answers could be that either Council of Earna or The Order are Wiccan, then the only problem with that is that you can not submit for acceptance, and still at an issue because there isn't one Coven on here that follows the old ways. And there are even several more that don't even follow any Magickal Path.

Personally as to all of you who have responded to him, telling him there is enough information on the web, how bout we just wipe all of SoM? There's enough BS all over the web too...somehow I don't think this will cure the problem. And on another note he asked that someone who is more knowledgeable to create the Coven, its not like he's some whacked 16 yr going around claiming that he is a master of 13yrs. And at least for once maybe a real Coven is born instead of one being allowed do to the winner of a popularity contest.

Re: No literal Wicca??>;P
Post # 10
im sorry but wot do you ean by the council of earna draggy? and the other one as well, i dont understand your need to mention them:S

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