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Post # 1
It is often proclaimed that we, as a people, have headaches once attacked by spells or other magicks.

Now, my questions are:

1. Can we precisely identify the source of the exact spell by the headache?

2. Can we identify a specific location in proximity to the attack.

3. Why do the headaches come from these attacks? What causes it other than the magic. There must be a force behind such a thing?
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Re: Headaches
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Just two points:

I was taught, and it has been my experience, that curses attach themselves to the weakest part of the target's body or mind.

If the target of your magical attack has a bad heart, the curse can manifest as emotional hardships or a heart attack. If the target of your curse is accident-prone, then the curse can manifest as an accident. If the target of your curse is a spend-thrift, then the curse can manifest as devestating finaincial problems. If the target of your curse is overweight, then the curse can manifest as diabetes problems or gout, etc.

I would think that unless it's an attack specific to manifesting headaches, then headaches as a universal sign might not be a good indicator. I could be entirely wrong, though.

On a side note, you can buy large candles shaped like a skull, and practitioners manipulate them in various ways to make a target crazy, loose-liped, or "to get in someone's head." I could think of a nice adaption - using this candle - for a headache curse. Ouch!
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Re: Headaches
Post # 3

Your response is quite helpful. I had always wondered if they measured and defined the outcome of spells and their aftereffects.

Surely, I would be grateful for any skulls that would make them blabber the truth. I think that would be rather delightful and freeing for them to experience.
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Re: Headaches
Post # 4
The headaches can come from an excess of energy aimed at one, or energy and life force being depleted, the key is ascertaining who what and why and being savvy enough to protect and ward it off.
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Re: Headaches
Post # 5
I know who, exactly, incidently.

Thank you, verily, for your input.
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Re: Headaches
Post # 6
Well..i`ve had a major number of headaches you know.
I don`t think its even a spell but a force behind it.
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Re: Headaches
Post # 7
On another note although im new i read that headaches can be a side effect of opening your third eye, and this as nothing to do with magical attacks /spells been placed or aimed at you:)
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Re: Headaches
Post # 8
No problem.

If the cause is magical, the headaches are usually caused by stress. When someone or something attacks, they are essentially invading your being. You tend to tense against that invasion, to close your pathways against it, especially in the head since most attacks hit the mind/brain, and that area is sensitive to tension. We even get headaches when we tense against something from within we are reluctant to feel. The effect is like the tensing that happens when you feel pain. You tense to decrease the sensation. People tense the jaw especially to close the pain pathways from brain to body. If attacked, for example, you can grind your teeth during sleep.

If a spell was performed, it is by someone who either has access to you (someone you know in some way, even online), or someone who was given something of yourse by someone else. Location doesn't really matter. Spells need a conduit. If you know someone online, the conduit is your online connection. Otherwise, crossing open water highly dampens the spell unless some kind of connecting medium is involved, like something in your possession (like a "gift") or in the casters possession, like a picture of you.

However, in all cases, just having a headache is not a symptom of a spell or attack. There is more involved, like nightmares, depression, obsessive thoughts, bad luck, other symptoms of illness, even having experiences of agressive entities or people. If the headache is caused by stress and not something more physical or chemical, the course is usually internal or the outer influence is very weak and banishing can probably take care of it.
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