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How useful?
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Spells... How useful are they? To most, very. To others, not so much. Spells come from in many types and ways. To wishes, luck, love, money, and many others that go by so far. But do you really need all of that? If your life is boring and nothing is happening in your life, well a spell really make it better?

Yes they help, but do you really need a wish to be done or some money even tho you don't need it? Not really... why get more money? To buy more stuff that you don't really need? My point is that you don't need to cast a spell to be what you are. If people say that you need to cast a spell to be what you are then what are they? Spells are there to make your life better when it is down, not to help you when you don't need it.

The basic lesson of spells is that if you don't really need it then the chances of it working is small. If you don't ask questions about the spell, What it does... Who made it... How many tried it and says it works with proven results... And so on. Yes it might be hard to ask those kinds of questions and get a answer to, but at least you tried to know the spell a bit better.

My point is that you don't need to cast a spell every week... You don't need to have a big book of shadows because most of the spells do the same thing but your doing something different. All you do need is an open mind and a place of peace.

Hopefully this doesn't sound dumb, and hopefully this helps you a bit and you have a better understanding that you don't need to cast a spell to be what you are.
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