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Post # 1
Prayer to help others

Great lord and lady, guide me to the opportunity, grant me the will and courage, to give of myself to help those in need.

Pagan serenity prayer

God and goddess grant me the power of water, to accept with ease and grace what I cannot change, the power of fire, for the energy and courage to change the things I can. The power of air for the ability to know the difference. And the power of the earth, for the strength to continue my path.

Prayer to the moon

She who illuminates the sky by night, who guides my way with her silver light, who shines upon me in the starlit wonder, who speaks to me in cosmic whispers, oh great lady moon shimmering in your velvet sky dazzle me with your milky rays, and to you I will turn my eye at the end of each of my days, Great ladt moon.

Prayer to the sun

Hail to the golden sun, upon the hill he rises, light and warmth are his gifts, and life and love his prizes, he comes to us each morning waking us from our sleep to grant us each another day, and new blessings each to reap his glowing face doth smile, upon his children on the earth as all enjoy his warmth and light that emerge upon his birth and when at last he leaves us and his brilliant rays grow dim he retires in blazing colour and the glory that is him.

Morning Prayer

I rise again refreshed, to see another day, the sun shines, down upon me, to light me on my way, may the lord grant me wisdom, and strength to do what?s right. May the lady grant me gentleness and firmness of spirit and mind, may none be harmed along the way as my highest good I seek, in perfect love and perfect trust as I will it so it shall be.

Evening Prayer

My precious gift has faded into the darkness of night the sun has gone to sleep and the moon now shines her light radiant god and goddess I thank you for your love and as I enter the land of dreams watch over me from above.

Authors unknown
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Re: Payers
Post # 2
Thank You For This Day

Thank You for this day on Earth
Ancient Mother who gave me birth
Healing Mother who keeps me strong
Crone Mother who brings each new dawn.
Thank You for the gift of being
For blessing me with the wonders of seeing
For the sounds and felling of laughter
And the wisdom learned through pain.
Spirit Mother bless me,
Tomorrow with a day again.


SUNDAY (For Strength)
O dearest Father, help me to know and understand your will, allow me the strength to accomplish all you ask of me. My dearest Mother, help me to be strong enough this day to show love to everyone, even those who show hatred toward me. So Mote It Be.

MONDAY (For Compassion)
Dearest Parents, please grant me the gift of compassion: For the green earth; your woods, forests,waters,air, animals and all people. Help me to become an example of compassion, so I may plant the seed of compassion for the betterment of all creation. Blessed Be

TUESDAY (For Fidelity to One Religion)
I call upon you, my Lord and Lady, to grant me the strength to remain forever faithful to my Path. Please help me to keep all of the promises I have made to you, my eternal parents, as well as those I have made to my brothers and sisters, especially those of my hearth and home. So Mote It Be

WEDNESDAY (For World Peace)
Dear Mother, please grant your children knowledge, understanding, patience, and love. Dear Father, please grant that through these gifts all nations may work together to end the world's suffering and put an end to all war so there will be everlasting peace. Blessed Be

THURSDAY (For Wisdom)
O my dearest and eternal parents, please show me the way of wisdom, and grant me the strength to follow it no matter what adversary stands in my way. So Mote It Be

FRIDAY (For Patience)
O eternal Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone, I am made from your flesh and you know me better than I know myself. You understand depression, frustration, and anxiety. Please help me to control these emotions, and help me to convert these powerful feelings into love. O eternal God, King of infinite wisdom and goodness, I am created from your essence, and I thank you for the gift of life. Please teach me to be patient and humble, tolerant and gentle, especailly when life's problems become heavy and difficult to bear. So Mote It Be

SATURDAY (To Know and Accomplish the Will of the God & Goddess)
Dear Lord, Dear Lady, you have created me for a special purpose. This I know as fact. I humbly ask that you make known to me your will so I can understand and accomplish my life's mission. I promise to do my best to do good, to bring peace to the world, to always speak the truth, and to uphold the sacred teachings of my Path all the days of my life. So Mote It Be.
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Re: Payers
Post # 3
Pagan Prayer

May my heart be gentle

my mind still and open

my spirit unshackled

my awareness keen

my conscience clear

my nature giving

May I be a healing energy

may I be of benefit to all

may my life enrich others

may I know what matters

and live in harmony with Nature

~ Abby Willowroot ? 2008

You can find more of Mrs. Abby Willowroot's beautiful chants and prayers at the following link. Special thanks to her beautiful gift of writing such lovely chants -
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Re: Payers
Post # 4
This really borderlines Shamanism that anything else, but this article and prayer to the 4 elements and directions was just too beautiful not to acknowledge. So please give respect for this one.

Adapted from Green Psychology, by Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. (Park Street Press, 1999).

Elders, healers, and teachers of the ancient Earth Wisdom traditions align themselves with natural forces to cultivate a balanced attitude and relationship with the environment.

A sense of well-being and feeling at home in the world from periodic prayer rituals provide attunement and harmonizing with the elemental energies. Native Americans speak of the resulting feeling as ?walking in balance on Earth.?

The Four Elements Medicine Wheel Prayer addresses and invokes the spirits of earth, air, water, and air as well as the powers of the four directions (or six, including above and below). Each of the elements as well as each species of animal and plant, constitute the domain of beings with whom it is possible to communicate and attune oneself.

You can here integrate the symbolism of the four directions to walk in balance and gratitude on the Earth with this prayer during the Thanksgiving season.

This prayer can integrate for you the symbolism of the four directions of objective space (north, south, east, and west) and the powers of the four elements, the inner and outer, the physical, and the psychic and spiritual.

Turn toward each of the four directions as the prayer is said, going around clockwise starting with the east; alternatively, one could turn one?s back receptively toward the direction.

Four Elements Medicine Wheel Prayer

O Great Spirit of the East,
radiance of the rising Sun,
spirit of new beginnings
O Grandfather Fire,
great nuclear fire of the Sun.
From you comes life-energy,
vital spark, power to see far,
and to envision with boldness;
with you we can purify the senses,
our hearts and our minds.
We pray that we may be aligned with you,
so that your energies may flow through us,
and be expressed by us,
for the good of this planet Earth,
and all living beings upon it.

O Great Spirit of the South,
protector of the fruitful land,
and of all green and growing things,
the noble trees and grasses.
Grandmother Earth, Soul of Nature,
great power of the receptive,
of nurturance and endurance,
of bringing forth and growing,
flowers of the field,
fruits of the garden.
We pray that we may be aligned with you,
so that your powers may flow through us,
and be expressed by us,
for the good of this planet Earth,
and all living beings upon it.

O Great Spirit of the West,
spirit of the great waters,
of rain and rivers, lakes and springs;
O Grandmother Ocean,
deepest matrix, womb of all life.
With you comes the dissolving
of boundaries and holdings,
the power to taste and to feel,
to cleanse and to heal.
Great blissful darkness of peace.
WE pray that we may be aligned with you,
so that your powers may flow through us,
and be expressed by us,
for the good of this planet Earth,
and all living beings upon it.

O Great Spirit of the North,
invisible spirits of the air,
and of the fresh, cool winds;
O vast and boundless Grandfather Sky,
your living breath animates all life.
From you comes clarity and strength,
and the power to hear inner sounds,
to seep out old patterns,
and bring challenge and change.
The ecstasy of movement and the dance.
We pray that we may be aligned with you,
so that your powers may flow through us,
and be expressed by us,
for the good of this planet Earth,
and all living beings upon it.
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