Raising Power

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Raising Power
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Raising Power

Raising Power is not the kind of manipulative sorcery you may be thinking, in fact it is all about you! Your spells will not work without the power, and its as harmless as you are! To put it in Wicca terms:

An harm ye none, do what ye will.

Inside each and every one of us, we have an insurmountable amount of energy that we rarely tap into. But be certain of this,- You Do have power, and your power is only inside of you. You will not find it anywhere else. Tapping into it is not as hard as you may think! You need to be patient as can be a very slow process in some cases.

Raising Power is all about your Will and your inner Self. You create the power and you decide how to raise it. You also decide how and where to channel it!

There is more than one way to raise power. Experiment with everything you find, because what works for me may not work as well for you. Your power can be an extremely physically draining thing, and you should not take it lightly! This is what works best for many:

First, find a place where you can sit or lay comfortably. Music is a huge part of what works for me. Play relaxing and soothing music, Yes, you need to experiment with that too! The music I like, you may dislike. Turn off everything that could possibly interrupt, like phones, TVs etc.

Then, after bringing all of your ingredients together needed for your spell, Close your eyes and concentrate deeply on your Intent, desires, and most of all on the result or theme of what you want to achieve. Often, I grasp a favorite Gem or crystal that I will be using with my spell before I start concentrating.

Perhaps you need the flickering flame of a candle, or incense that opens your senses, or a crystal ball for scrying. It could be that all of the above will open the door to the energy you are seeking.

If it does not work the first time, dont give up- Experiment, Experiment, Experiment! What you put in, is what you get back ! Remember, Visualization & Concentration! If you have never tried meditating, now would be a good time to learn. I do not teach meditation, but here are a few things to try:

Some like to start by closing your eyes and picture yourself sitting on a bench in a beautiful grassy meadow, with trees hovering above. Listen to the wind rustling the leaves- and to your right, a stream trickling by and perhaps a small rabbit hobbling past. The sky is blue and you can taste the fresh clean air and feel the soft grass under your feet, you get the idea.

As you are sitting there, picture a cheerful and warm glow coming slowly toward you from above & straight ahead, getting closer and closer until it surrounds you. And when it does, you begin to feel a strong sense of self and empowerment and strength, like there is nothing you really cannot achieve!

Another good example of raising power is to close your eyes, Visualize yourself being surrounded by a gentle cloud of goodness that not only makes you feel strong, but makes you feel protected and safe. Picture it very slowly entering your body via your arms and legs and coming together in your center, near your stomach. It feels good. Dont rush it, it takes time.

Concentrate on why you are beginning this spell to start with, and you will know when you are ready, because you can feel it. And that is when you know you have raised the power to proceed!

After many various attempts and types of raising power, somewhere along the way you will find what works best for you! It will be yours and yours alone. Maybe a thought, a key word, a certain incense, a special crystal etc., you will know ! Only then do you continue on with your chosen spell.

Always cast your circle FIRST if preparing for a spell.

This would be a good time to invoke the deities you will be needing in your spell, and to begin a relationship with them!

When I become very relaxed and have a clear focus, and feel that I am mentally where I need to be, only then do I begin my spell.

Grounding power is the opposite of raising power! For me it is easy. I just stand still with my eyes closed picturing it going up, up and away with the smoke of the incense. If I feel it is still too strong to ignore, I try walking widdershins or going for a walk outside and touching the ground. You can also reach up to the sky and picture it leaving via your fingertips. Again, do what works for you and experiment ! Remember, Raising Power comes from within you, so it needs to leave as well!

I always try to empty any of the excess power I have conjured into my spell or Magick I am performing, until there is very little left or it feels right. Remember, Raising Power takes practice!
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