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Terms and meanings
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ALTAR-A place where you perform Magick rituals, spells, and all your magickal workings! This is where you make it happen.

AMULET-An object that deflects negative energy (good luck charm)

ANIMISM-The belief that all living things in Nature including plants and animals are alive & conscious.

AURA-The field that surrounds all living creatures and can often be seen in various colors

BANISHING- A ritual to make something go away, or stop.

BELIEF- An explanation of facts chosen by an individual, when there is no scientific explanation

BELTANE-A Wiccan holiday & Festival celebrated on the last day April into the 1st of May

BOOK of SHADOWS--A book in which you record all happenings and spells, ingredients, secrets, plans, etc. It is a good idea to record previously performed spells here, so you know which ones work best for you! This is YOUR special place, Not to be shared with other eyes.

CAULDRON- A 3 legged cast iron pot used for burning or mixing herbs.

CHALICE- a goblet for drinking out of, used in rituals, symbol of the Goddess and water.

CANDLE MAGICK- The use of various colored candles in spells and rituals. Each candle color has its own meaning.

CHARGE-To infuse divine energy into an object.

CLEANSE-To remove negative energy form something.

CONSECRATION- A ceremony to cleanse or purify something sacred.

COVEN-A group of Witches or Wiccans, at least 3, no more than 13 in the inner circle. Outer circles usually have no number limit, this does depend on the tradition though.

CRONING-A ceremony celebrating the transition from Maiden to Crone, the final phase of a woman's life.

DEITIES- Gods & Goddesses

DEOSIL- Clockwise

DIVINATION-Witchcraft in its finest form by use of the divine, spirit world, psychic ability, or scrying, to obtain information.

DRAWING DOWN the MOON-Calling upon the Goddess during the Full Moon, to bring energy to a female witch.

ELDER- A respected Witch who has reached a high position in a coven.

ELEMENTALS-Creatures associated with the Elements. Undines, Salamanders, Sylphs etc etc.

ENCHANTRESS-One who practices Witchcraft.

ESBAT- A Wiccan ritual usually performed within a coven, on NON-holidays. Also known as the Moon Sabbats as Esbats are usually held on the Full moon of every month, and occasionally on the New moon

FAMILIAR- An animal that is associated with and has a connection or bond to a Witch.

HANDFASTING- A wedding in which the right wrists of the bride & groom are bound together.

GRIMIORE-A book of hand written spells and Magick, also referred to as a Book of Shadows.

IMBOLC- A festival to celebrate the arrival of spring.

INCANTATION- A rhyme with Intent

INVOKE- To call upon a higher power

LUGHNASADH- A celebration of harvesting. also called Lammas. Better known as the witches thanksgiving

MABON- A festival of the last harvest before winter.

MAGIC- A show performed on a stage by an illusionist

MAGICK- A ceremony with Intent. Amazing things, happenings, sights, feelings, and occurrences which happen naturally in nature as well as can be brought into being through the assistance of Gods & Goddesses. Wicca Magick is used only for good or positive result.!

MEANINGS and TERMS- An explanation of words and their meaning as used in Wicca and Wiccan ways as well in the writings found across this site.

OSTARA- A celebration in March signifying the beginning of spring. Also a great time for handfastings and fertility ceremonies.

PENTACLE- A five point star inside a circle representing the elements earth, air, fire & water. Pentacles can be used for protection & to call upon deities.

PENTAGRAM- A pentacle that is written or drawn

POPPET- A human-like figure usually used for spells, made of cloth or any convenient material to represent a person.

QUARTERS- The four corners of a ceremonial circle-North, East, South, and West.

RITUAL- A ceremony, in Wicca when performed by a Witch, to create change.

SABBAT- A Wiccan celebration or festival.

SAMHAIN- A celebration on October 31-Halloween. It's a time for celebration of the ancestors and is also known as the Witch's New Year

SCRYING- To gaze upon a mirror or crystal ball for the purpose of divination. Can be anything with a reflective surface

SKYCLAD- A word meaning ceremonial Nudity. Can be found in Gerald Gardner's works, including initiation rituals.

SOLITARY- When used in Wicca, a Witch who practices alone, or without a group, which is totally acceptable.

SMUDGING- The act of waving a burning bundle of herbs or incense through the air to cleanse or purify a room or area. Also for eliminating negativity.

TALISMAN- An object that has been given energy in a ritual to bring forth a certain energy.

WAND- Has several uses and meanings. One of the most powerful and personal tools of a Witch. An extension of oneself, used to channel energy, cast circles, direct a ritual or magick occurrence with intent. Can be used to manifest many things.

WIDDERSHINS- moving Counterclockwise

WOLFS BANE- A toxic herb (Aconite) used for purification (do not touch with bare hands, will cause skin irritation. Do not injest for any reason. Can and will kill you)
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