A Few chants&invocations

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A Few chants&invocations
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Casting the Circle
By the earth that is her body
By the air that is her breath
By the fire of her spirit
By the waters of her womb
As above, so below,
The circle is made whole.

Opening the Circle
The circle is open, but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess
Go in our hearts
Merry meet, merry part
and merry meet again!

Elemental Invocation
East I call to you,
High above the trees
Gliding on a soft breeze
Eagle come to me.

South I call to you,
Burning within me
Running through the jungle
Panther come to me.

West I call to you,
Deep within the sea
Dancing with the waves
Dolphin come to me.

North I call to you,
Underneath my feet
Howling at the full moon
Wolf come to me.

Center I call you,
Everywhere I see
Joining in the circle
Snake come to me.

Triple Goddess Invocation
Lady of the morning
Maiden full of grace
Remind me of my courage
Hail and welcome be.

Lady of the moon
Mother round and full
Remind me of my creative spark
Hail and welcome be.

Lady of the dark
Crone the teacher still
Remind me of my wisdom
Hail and welcome be.

- Lee

Basic Spell Binding
As like calls to like
So my will is done
With harm to none
As the Goddess decrees
Three times three

So mote it be!

- Lee

Equinox Chant
From life to death and back again
The wheel turns round and round
From loss to joy and love to pain
From fear to hope again

From sacrifice to love's reward
From hate to peace renewed
The balance here of light and dark
Will show our hearts the truth

- Lee

God Invocation
Lover, hunter, brother, stag
Run the forest and the crags
Gentle, loving, caring, strong
Join the circle all night long
Guide me on my path this night
Stay with me til morning light
God reborn that I have found
Welcome to my circle round.

- Lee

Pan Invocation
Lord of the forest
Green man, Pan
Lover of all life
Green man, Pan
Dancer in the circle
Green man, Pan
Laughing dancing singing
Green man, Pan

- Lee

Special thanks to Lee and the following website, where you can find this information and more -
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