Ju Ju ( not only dolls )

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Ju Ju ( not only dolls )
By: / Novice
Post # 1
This article was not written by me , I merely share the good knowledge and information
Author : Denise Alvarado


In New Orleans, ju ju is a blessed object that has been created and blessed for the express purpose of keeping evil and negativity away from the home. In Africa, ju ju started out in a similar manner. It used to be that parents passed down the practice of ju ju via oral tradition. Ju ju was not only objects, it was also a type of magick that was designed to help people with everyday life.

Earlier this year I was contacted my Scotland Yard (the British cop shop) Department of Human Trafficking regarding the use of one of my ju ju images for their training manual. Apparently, there is a huge problem in England with human slavery associated with the use of African ju ju. The image they wanted to use to illustrate the root of this evil was my ju ju moon goddess! Imagine my surprise that they would want to use such a benign symbol of love to represent African ju ju!

Of course, it was a wonderful opportunity to provide some much needed education to an institution who is justly concerned with such an unacceptable practice (human trafficking, that is).
Like so many cultures who have been the target of colonization and genocide, African traditions have been deeply affected. What used to be a positive practice, has begun to be used for defensive purposes and is now distorted and abused by some very selfish and greedy people to manipulate others for the purpose of the sex slave trade and the Almighty Dollar.

Ju ju in New Orleans is a form of positive conjure. It has retained its original purpose since it was brought to the New World by enslaved Africans. Let's keep it that way by being in the position of educating others about this practice.

For those of you who are interested in the history of African Ju ju and it's original roots before coming to the new world, I have provided a couple of articles, including an excerpt from a book written by a female ethnologist. You can learn more about this type of folk magick here:

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Re: Ju Ju ( not only dolls )
Post # 2
Interesting. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.
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Re: Ju Ju ( not only dolls )
Post # 3
Thanks for this Obscurus! :)
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Re: Ju Ju ( not only dolls )
Post # 4
A nice exerpt really.
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