Darkness Rising

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Darkness Rising
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
Darkness Rising has been deleted for plagiarism from other covens and other sites on the web.

The leader is banned from the site as well.

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 2
... can we make a new coven then for the ppl who got removed from it for no reason...

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 3
The coven was removed for plagiarism, as Pet said. If the coven was removed and you were in the coven then you were removed for a reason, we can't be in a coven that doesn't exist. lol

Most of the posts in there were from other sites and other covens. I would suggest you find another coven that actually has leaders who know what they're doing and don't have to steal from other sites to look knowledgeable.

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 4
I agree that the members should move on. Not to be snarky, but the lessons came from other covens and sites anyway, so I'm sure there is another place out there that will fit your interests.

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 5
one thing i would like to know is why the mods give out all these warning gags in chat but when it comes to something that didnt go over with the coven. it gets removed just like that .. what happen where was our warning

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 6
The Priest was sent a warning. He chose not to listen and this is what happened.

It is the Priest's and Priestess' job to make sure rules are followed within a coven. If the Priest and Priestess can't follow the rules themselves, they shouldn't have a coven. Especially if they can't follow the rules even after being warned.

Since I'm not a moderator I'm going to let this go now, as in I won't be posting here again. Keep in mind that neither the moderators nor the administrator is required to explain themselves to you nor anyone else. If any of them do it's entirely by choice.

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 7
It's about time I think. I used to be on the council in that coven, was constantly saying what was wrong, I couldn't be made priest as the original plan was due to Pet. >.>

But I saw and spoke about the problems in that coven, in the end my friend was kicked from the coven for speaking out against the priest concerning this and I left then because it was a social club not a coven of darkness.

I say it is about time it was run into the ground.

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 8
wasnt Alemius who orginial make that coven he was looking for a priestess then she demoted him and put the guy that she was living with as the new priest? I think maybe is Karma getting back, just saying

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 9
Alviss was the original priests name, and it was rather ironic how quickly someone else was stuffed up there eh?

Re: Darkness Rising
Post # 10
He wont leave
he will just make a new account its what they all do.

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