Creepy house

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Creepy house
Post # 1
Hi everyone :-)

My grandma has this big living room. There are old antique furniture, thick curtains and the walls are covered with family portraits. Ever since I was little, something in that room freaked me out and still today, I don't go in there when its dark.

Nobody else seems to notice anything, then again I'm the only one in the family who beliefs in magick and psychic abilities.

When I walk past the room or even just think about it, I get the creeps. Sometimes I can hear things in there, even see something moving.

What do you think about this, what do you think can it be?


Re: Creepy house
Post # 2
Well, If you thought there was reason to go in the room. I would go in there and atleast see whatever's reasoning is for it being there. But then again if you don't feel like any good would come out of it, just leave it be.

Re: Creepy house
Post # 3
It doesn't really bother me. Its just the strangest feeling. And even if I try to go into the room, there is like something that holds me back, something that I can feel.

Re: Creepy house
Post # 4
I would suggest passing the four elements through the room and possibly burning some white sage, and or Frankincense.. Or both

Re: Creepy house
Post # 5
what darkest light said is the best idea

Re: Creepy house
Post # 6
The room sounds like a relatively happy place, which may be why it draws the spirit(s). It could remind them of the life they once lived, and you may be freaked out because you know its there but can't quite see it, at least in a subconscious reasoning.

Does it seem sinister to you?

Re: Creepy house
Post # 7
Well, I don't know if it is sinister. I have had quite a few nightmares about the room, where something is pulling me into the dark room and I can't break free.

Maybe its a restless spirit, maybe it is a bad spirit attached to something in the room. What do you think?

Re: Creepy house
Post # 8
It may be someone who lived in the house before your family moved in. Something bad could have happened in that room that the spirit is attracted to, or it may be angry at what has been done with the room because it used to be a different way.

I'd try to talk to it :3 But talking about the paranormal and experiencing it are 2 different things

Re: Creepy house
Post # 9
I'll try that. My grandparents had the house build, so they were the only ones living in the house.

Re: Creepy house
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Is this house new, or did she move in it? Sometimes old spirits stay, wandering ones, and spirits that you bring from outside, or struggles, etc.

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