Increasing your Aura

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Increasing your Aura
Post # 1
I have had a few threads about this before but I never shared my experiences in those ones so they quickly became very inactive so I will tell you many ways to increase your aura.


Meditation is a very good way to harness your aura to the most. I would reccomend meditation to all beginners who don't really know how to use they're aura to they're fullest, plus if you learn how to get the most out of a little aura (such as being clever to make you more powerful then someone with a high aura capacity) because when you do increase your aura you will be used to the little one so you have alot in reserve for later and such. I don't feel like explaining how to meditate you can google to find out how to.


I have noticed that alot of people I know who have near death experiences seem to have a more powerful aura. I wouldn't recommend doing that to increase your aura because it could go to terribly wrong.


I have also noticed every time I am in a high energy place such as a haunted place with lots of spirits that my aura increases when I do that, but those are just my experiences.

I have done alot of those but I have noticed that it only works temporarilly so I would only advise it for beginner to help get started.

These are just my experiences so don't go replying to this thread that everything I say is a lie or something. I enjoy your insight just please don't insult me by doing that. Please share you experiences instead.

Always Thinking, Bryce.
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Re: Increasing your Aura
Post # 2
wow Bryce your really that smart i didnt know that XP
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Re: Increasing your Aura
Post # 3
As Flame mentioned meditation is a very good way to stretch the aura, now adding the right visualization to that meditation makes it even more effective.

Here is a small piece from personal experience which has worked, try it or not-

Sit in a comfortable meditation position with the back straight, start slowing your breathing to a calm relaxed pace, with your eyes closed start becoming aware of your body and your surroundings, once you have managed to shift direct focus out of your mind and onto everything around you refocus onto your body from an outside perspective.
Look for any layers of energy on self, or inside your body, may appear like a chakra, or a ball of specificly coloured energy (can vary from person to person) once you find that ball of energy grab a hold of it from the outside while pushing on it from the inside, kinda like inflating a balloon while you are pulling it outwards as well.
Stretch it as far as you can but that it still feels comfortable, then take a good break and just relax and allow what you have expanded to flow where it needs to lay, each time you do this exercise you will expand your aura and soul as a whole, the more different colours and feels of energy you see in you that you can stretch the more you will grow as a balanced being.
Do not overdo it, do not obsess either because you will burn your body and mind out, also avoid doing on a overfull stomach cause you may vomit, as you expand your aura you may get various understandings relating to life, the soul, past lives etc. so enjoy.
Also- learn to trust in what you are seeing, but do not trust sight alone! if you can feel a energy vibration from it then you are more than likely seeing correctly, because you are not just trusting sight, but also your other senses, and touch with energy is a very vital one. Some things like past life flashes do not carry a vibration, but they cause a release from the heart chakra which you will know and understand when you feel it, like your heart is gonna burst, but in a good way.

Everyone has infinite potential if they just approach it in the right way..
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Re: Increasing your Aura
Post # 4
hmm this is intresting i never knew i acutally increased my aura by meditating for 7 years or by making chi balls for the past year. thanks a lot
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Re: Increasing your Aura
Post # 5
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Re: Increasing your Aura
Post # 6
Bump :P
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