Moon card constantly?

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Moon card constantly?
Post # 1
I've been doing Tarot readings on myself off and on for quite a few years, and on others for the past couple of years. Last June, the moon card started popping up in many readings I did for myself. Then it started popping up in readings I was doing for other people pretty consistently. Now it pops up in almost all of my readings and in everybody else's! I've examined the card to make sure it's not bent or anythig; it's not. I haven't had much time to do readings for awhile, so I put it out of my head, but then I was at work (I work at a call center) and the lady who sits next to me got a strange call from some weird woman who was cackling and saying "I drew the moon card." I also just got the moon in 2 different readings I did on the instant tarot "game" (for lack of a better word) on this website! I know the basic meanings of the Moon card, but what do you think it means that it keeps showing up???
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Re: Moon card constantly?
Post # 2
That phonecall kinda gave me the shivers @_@ What deck(s) do you normally use?

My 'Cosmic Tarot' says: "The unconscious, hidden mental power, to forget oneself, salvation, mercy, great love, darkness, secret, drunkenness, hysteria." The definitions in the little booklet do not distinguish between negative and positive meanings, so I usually have a tricky time interpreting the cards until the whole spread is revealed.

The Moon in the 'Tarot of the Samurai' says: "Space: What we cannot know exists anyway. Where there is wisdom, there is space." This deck has relatively nontraditional readings, so I don't know how well it applies here.

The definition for the Moon card in the 'Tarot of the Witches' is: "Caution. Danger. Scandal. Error. Disillusionment. Deception. Trickery. Bad influences. Ulterior motives. Insincerity. Selfishness. Superficiality. Unknown enemies." These seem to be only negative connotations, as opposed to the aforementioned 'Cosmic Tarot'. :S

I just thought I'd give you a few more interpretations of the card. I used the 'Tarot of the Witches' for quite a while, and it is where I learned Tarot, so I always have these meanings in the back of my head when it crops up in another deck. Is the presence of the Moon scaring you? Do you think it is some omen, or just a freaky coincidence?

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Re: Moon card constantly?
Post # 3
I generally just use my trusty ol' Rider-Waite deck. At first I just thought it was just a weird coincidence, but it's happening so often, and the card in my deck is in perfect condition,so I'm really starting to think it's some kind of omen! After the freaky phone call, I'm almost positive! One meaning I've seen is changes in *ahem* womanly cycles, like going through menopause, which freaks me out even more, because my lady-parts doctor told me that she thinks I've stopped ovulating, even though I'm only 22. However, the weird phone call happened after I decided that's what I thought it meant, and I still keep drawing the moon card! I really think the universe is trying to tell me something, but I wish I could figure out what!
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Re: Moon card constantly?
Post # 4
Oh, wait, maybe it's the drunkeness thing! I do have a bit of an issue controlling myself around the sauce, maybe it's relating to that?? Hmmm...that does make sense. I had a strange experience where I had a premonition that my Uncle (who was known as a heavy drinker) was going to pass, and he did--on my wedding day! I was weirdly flattered, because it was like he wanted to come to my wedding, and that was the only way. Maybe he's trying to warn me from going down the same path?? Thanks for the input Kikuyo!! I think you may have helped me figure it out!
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Re: Moon card constantly?
Post # 5
One interpretation that I use for the Moon card is confusion. There could be confusion in your life in some way. You may have an inability to make a firm decision about something important in your life.

Another interpretation of the Moon card is an overworked imagination. You may be making things up that is not reality or letting your thoughts get the best of you.
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