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Hoodoo magick/with links
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What is Hoodoo magick ?

Hoodoo magick as an African-American Folk magick, practiced mainly in Southern parts of Americas, but not limited on those.
It is an eclectic system, a blend of Voodun rootworks and general belifs and Christianity ( in general , both catholic and orthodox ) ,Saints, Angels, prayers, Psalms ( Quabbalistic influence ) and some of Native American tradition.

The centeres of Hoodoo practice are considered to be New Orleans and Louisiana, and the founder of the system ( as we use it today ) is Marie Levaeu, the notorious Voodoo-Hoodoo queen of Orleans and one of the most powerful magickal practitioners of all times, as considered by occult authorities.

Hoodoo is very well know by its powerful and secret Oil formulas, Candle magick and nasty curses. Herbal and animal curios are trademarks of Hoodoo, as well as few common rituals or spells, such as reddening ( using red brick dust for protection in a specific manner ) and girs gris-es ( French word in origins, reads as gree gree ) or mojo hands/bags.

So If You would like to know more about this tradition follow these links and find

Online book by today?s leading expert on Hoodoo Catherine Yronwood can be found here

Variety of Voodoo Hoodoo Lore can be found here

Protection, and hexing in Hoodoo and Voodoo ( Anatomy of Voodoo curses and hexes, and banishing ) can be found here

Free spells, many of them of Conjure tradition can be found here

A person I like to consider my online friend and our respected and beloved Moderator has some good info on her blog
Ldy Gry, so go to Dear Miss profile

Good books with informationp on Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork ( all synonyms ) tradition include

?Hoodoo herb and root magick? By Miss Catherine Yronwood
?Voodoo Hoodoo spellbook? By Miss Denise Alvarado
?Book of Charms, spells and formulas? by Sir Ray T. Malbrough
?The magickal power of Saints? By same author as one above
?The Hoodoo mysteries? By same author as one above

Some other Books that include information on Hoodoo as chapters or include Conjure spells and botanicals are:

?Herbal magick? by Gerina Dinwich
?Sorcerer?s secrets? By Jason Miller
?Protection and reversal magick? By same author as above

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