i really need some help.

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i really need some help.
Post # 1
hello, i am new to all of this and have done some research on various areas of interest and searched for the help i think i may need with no luck yet. i left an abusive partner 5 years ago, i took our daughter with me although i let him have contact as i thought it would be in the best interest of our daughter. now i have recently found out that he has been abusing my daughter so stopped all contact. he is now taking me to court because of this. i .bud involved the police and social services but because my daughter won't admit to them what has happened they won't take it any further. she has only ever talked about this with a child counsellor but the police say this isn't enough for them to pursue it. i have now been told that he has a very good chance of getting contact. i have tried banishing spells and binding spells with no avail. i am truly at a loss and would really appreciate any advice or help that anyone can give to me. thank you in advance. Leonie.
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Re: i really need some help.
Post # 2
There are a number of options available to you especially black
magic if you are serious about getting results. You can get results
or make excuses, but not both!!!
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Re: i really need some help.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Black magick isn't always the answer scorpio, especially those that aren't prepaired to deal with the 3fold of using such kinds of magick. Why is it that so far every post I've read of yours suggests black magick??
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Re: i really need some he
Post # 4
i am very serious about getting results. as i said i am new 2 this so any help as to where to start would be great.
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Re: i really need some help.
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I understand that. However, if your new to magick and such, its kind of all the more reason to stay away from black magick, at least until you fully understand what it is and how it works. Any kind of magick if done improperly can backfire with a great amount of strength, and black magick tends to start off as many times stronger then any other kind.

So, I merely state it as more of a warning then anything. I understand your situation and that you want results. Just understand that your methods have thier own results, sometimes going a different way then you initial intentions.
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Re: i really need some help.
Post # 6
I know you won't like reading this, but it is my honest opinion, and I think it can help you.
Magick is powerful, and it can do great/terrible things, but the one thing that can make magick a moot point is uncomprimising love. If you cast a spell on someone, it targets their will and their mind, but when their mind and will are stronger than your magick....the magick will not work. If you ex is dedicated to being able to see his daughter, then magick will hold little effect over him. Expecially if he loves her.

If he is just trying to see her to get back at you, then there is a chance you can beat him back with magick. Make sure to have faith in what you do, and to put as much energy as you can spare into the spells. If you have doubts about the outcome when you cast the spell...then odds are it won't happen.
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Re: i really need some help.
Post # 7
First, I want to say that your daughter is incredibly brave to have told even one persun. That is such an amazing thing to do, and even though I don't know her, I am proud of her.

Second, I'm sure you've encouraged her to tell, but she'll need a lot of support to tell anyone else. Keep supporting her, and let her know that she's amazing and strong and wonderful. She'll need to stand up for herself sooner or later. It's best if it's sooner. If your daughter needs to talk to someone, try therapy or if that?s too expensive, is a good website. RAINN is as well (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network).

Third, you have to truly believe that it will work with all your heart. You might also want to practice witchcraft as much as you can, just to boost your power. Research not just Wicca (which is not for everyone), but Traditional paths. Although I'm not a member myself, and might have some further information on how you can help your daughter.

I'd like to note that the 3 fold law is a religious belief pretty much exclusively belonging to Wicca. I don't believe in the 3 fold law, and I don't believe in the labels "black" ad "white" magick. Do whatever it takes to protect your daughter from this "man". Abuse can and does ruin lives, and your daughter is too precious to allow that to happen to her.

I wish you and your daughter all the best. You surely deserve it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Re: i really need some help.
By: / Adept
Post # 8
Seconding the good advice Marbeless left.

When it comes to the safety of your children, pull out all the stops. I know it's controversial of me to say so, but the so-called three fold law is made up any way. It never exisited in magic prior to the mid-1900s when Wicca was created. Magic is just plain old energy, not some Super Special Highly Moral Karmic Woo-Woo Energy that you have to be "super careful of lest you have some vauge but scary after-effects or karmic backlash." Any ways, sorry - pet peeve of mine.

Please consider:

1) Put up major protections for you and your daughter. Google "fiery wall of protection spell."

2) Check out this spell on my blog that's specifically designed for binding a child to you in peace and safety:
It's really tailor-made for your situation.

3) Do something to render this man harmeless. Google "freezer spells" and "mirror box spells." This is a most important step along with the others.

4) Work to get court officials on your side. Google "court case spells." Also consider putting all of the law enforcement, court officials, and social service folks in a honey jar to "sweeten" them to you and your daughter's plight. Google "honey jar spell."

This is a serious situation and a big job with many steps. You have a lot of research and work ahead of you. You might want to consider hiring a professional in your local community.

For reseach please check out these two sights above all:

You will also get more helpful advice at this forum (without the whole law of three stuff) and you may be able to hook up with a local worker there too:

Best of luck!
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Re: i really need some he
Post # 9
thank you guys so much for all of your advice. I will certainly be looking into everything you have suggested. I would also like to thank you for your support.
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