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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Nature&Magick

Post # 1
This is a thread related to Nature&Magick,by Artemisia,and Sergio..
All of us,we r into the Craft of Magick,which means,as everybody knows that wer actually working ON NATURE...that's why i think it would be nice if each and everyone of us,read this post;-) it concerns all of us...


We try to intervene in Nature.

To exercise any power and our will on it.

To use the output, the elements.

We respect and worship with the "Daughters" and "sons" of Nature

We wonder about the laws and the source of it.

We are part of the "flesh" of Nature

We love her ....

We embrace her....

Contained within it and this means to us ....

And I want to ask ...

What is Nature? What we consider as Nature?

******************* _ *******************

Nature is an indivisible part of the soul, the primal and virgin truth! In the visible reality,Earth is "dressed" with soil, water, air, fire, animal, material, man ...A little simple flower by popping out of a concrete stair,demonstrates the very importance of Nature . We see, touch, smell, taste, we hear only the reflection of Her.In Her unseen existence,Nature is everything, dimensions, worlds, thoughts, sounds, souls-everything! Magick is the harmony with nature-nature is Magick!The Return is on its Start.She never takes revenge...but on the contrary,She just reflects on us the results of thoughts,the results of our actions... Therefore,with these words,we understand how trully much responsible we r!!!!!NO MORE LIES,ITS TIME TO ACT,AND TO ACT RIGHT N O W !!!

*1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs for it has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by roughly 50 to 120 million tons per year and save consumers money.

*2. Try to plant some plants,even just 1,or 2... it counts and it counts a lot!!! Not only this will change ur psychology,but it also helps for saving our environment:D

*3. While having a shower,try to use A LIIITTLE LESS water,yes...even a little less,counts;)...if we all do this,too much energy will be saved:D

*4. Heat and cooling is the largest component of household CO2 emissions. Research suggests changing your air conditioning and heat by two degrees to reduce emissions.

*5. Avoid keeping the power electronics at stand-by mode. Some of the large-screen TV's can use as much power in standby mode as a refrigerator.

*6 Use rechargeable batteries,and do NEVER throw ur batteries on a bin... throw them in a recycle bin instead...Usually most markets have recycling bins Exclusively for batteries;-)

*7 Be careful on lighting fire while ur in a place with trees,plants,such as a forest

*8 RECYCLE...its WAY too simple!!!and way too important;-) only the feeling " I did something really good today",while recycling,really worths...

YEAP...just that:D too easy,too simple stuff that we can all do,undoubtely...Nature is our Mother,so...lets Act Now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magick has been born by nature;-)

*** Thanks for reading:D I hope u liked our post,and that u will take at least the majority of these steps,into consideration:D
Thanks a lot
*** Written... by Sergio(Nikolay) & Artemisia=)
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Re: Nature&Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Very good post and very truthful .We need to act now ,each one of us ,in order to save our planet every small thing which you do done by thousand people can give a huge diffrence .Do you know that due to global warming coral reef are vanishing ? They will be gone after another ten years and that will be the firsts ecosystem to
get damaged and vanish ,because it is home of thousand kind of fish .Same can be said for the rainforest .Please ,act now and
start to do your small things to provide the future of your
kinds and the next generation .Than you for your support and understanding ,Sergio .
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Re: Nature&Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
more info and links
Save your planet .
Do you care what your children will eat and breath ?
Do you recycle ?
Do you care for your home ,your planet ?
Act now or there may be not tomorrow for us .
How to save the reef read here? lore/help.html
How i can save the rainforest read here _002.htm
Please ,spread the word and get more people involved .It make a difference if we act NOW .
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Re: Nature&Magick
Post # 4
AWESOME ARTE,ACT NOW!!!its honestly the simplest thing in the world;) trust me! U will see,as long as u act@!
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Re: Nature&Magick
Post # 5
Very good Nick and Arte!

I love the line that "Nature is Magick and Magick is Nature" I think I will use that!!!

I believe that most people on this website do care about our mother earth, but it is always nice to be reminded about other ways we can help out.

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Re: Nature&Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Dear ,thank you so much for supporting us .Blessed be .:)
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Re: Nature&Magick
Post # 7
yea,lucy thanks a lot,too=):D
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Re: Nature&Magick
Post # 8
Well spoken...You seem to understand the way of the blessing, Mother Earth has given us. So many abuse her, and I believe she is angry of this matter. So many tragdies has occuried, and still are. to get respect, you must give respect. I found the reading very prominent to us all. take the time to listen, and you can hear her cries.
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Re: Nature&Magick
By: / Adept
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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