All Powerful and All Know

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All Powerful and All Know
Post # 1
I have noticed on a number of profiles there are a number of people who have claimed to be very power, all powerful so forth and so on. I wanted to offer a few hints here. If a individual really does have a great amount of power in magick they selomly if ever talk about it.

Most witches and magick users know that it is foolish to tell boast about ones skills and abilities because our powers are blessings from our deities and other sources and if we boast about such things thoses gifts will be taken back.

I have also seen a number of people claim to be all knowing. Ok if you really have that much to offer then when not set up a internet site to assist others on their paths. The best studies come in person but if you truly have so much to offer then setting up a basic internet site that shares this great knowledge with others is important and something that we are responsible to do.

Lets be honest we can all claim to be all knowing and all powerful but until you are ready to supply examples of this lets not attempt to tell others that we are all powerful or all knowing.

Lets not allow hyper inflated egos get in the way. I know there are a number of teens here and even preteens so lets be realistic. when you grow older and your kwowledge, skils and power increases you will learn that when you read others boast you do not tend to believe them because the number of wannabes that say things to be cool.

I also do not understand why so many people have posted spells and titles used in many RPG games and spells from TV shows.
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Re: All Powerful and All Know
Post # 2
You are right, in the fact that some people do have inflated Ego's here on ole' Spells. But there are actually things out there with the 'Potential' to be all knowing and all powerful. Or atleast in shades of that concept. As far as I know, there would'nt be many that could harness this raw, untapped 'Potential' and be able to put it to full use.

But as far as egos are concerned; I have even seen some members of this site that are considered some of the 'Best' at their work in particular fail harder than the poster of the Topic at hand because of their misbelief in what can and cannot happen and what they think is actually possible on The Earth.

Or that they are afraid of what might happen, but hey, it's just one of those things..
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Re: All Powerful and All Know
Post # 3
Preach on TKD...preach on
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Re: All Powerful and All Know
Post # 4
Yep! Thanks for the post =)
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Re: All Powerful and All Know
Post # 5
Great Post TKD.

The reason people may not believe those profiles is because it would take years and years to accumulate that much power into one's self. You can't just suddenly have these gifts. You have to work for them. Some people are stronger in areas than others.
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