How do you sense "energy"

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How do you sense "energy"
Post # 1
So I was browsing the web, and stumbled across this blog. I thought a few may be interested in reading it. The link is at the bottom. If you find that you like the blog.. check out the other information on this site. It is very helpful. Especially to those who are new and interested in meditation, energy and healing.


How do you sense "energy"

It no longer makes any sense to me to ask "do you sense energy". It seems quite clear to me that everyone senses energy. everyone has subtle sense perception. Our daily exchanges with others don't just occur through the spoken word and gestures, but are also "energetic" exchanges. We are simply not trained to recognize, ackowledge and name this in our (Western) culture.

I recently had a phone call from a woman who sees that people are somehow affected by her hands as she works as a hairdresser. Her perception that something is happening on the level of energy has become undeniable and she felt prompted to explore this experience. At the same time, she was apprehensive about it. There is a reluctance to acknowledge this experience and even more reluctance to share it with others. If we acknowledge it to ourselves, we are opening up to a whole new way of perceiving life, to a whole new understanding of what "reality" is. If we share our perceptions, we run the risk of being considered crazy or flakey. And yet opening up to the existence of that which lies beyond the reach of the five senses gives us not only a greatly enriched experience of life and living, but can provide us with useful information and abilities.

How many people can honestly say they've never felt someone staring at them from across the room? How many can say they haven't felt someone approaching them from behind even though they don?t hear them? We feel these things but we ignore the implications of these perceptions. How would you explain them? What actually is happening?

The tendency to ignore what we actually perceive is what causes us to take so long to embrace the latest understandings of physics, as well as the value of many alternative healing approaches such as energy healing. It's what causes us to ignore one of the most valuable resources we have is our own intuition.

As I explore the field of energy healing more and more, including developing more of my own subtle sense perception, I realize that what I now experience with such clarity and certainty is something I had always experienced. It had always been there in the background, but I had learned to ignore it. When I've taught inroductory energy healing classes, it was never a matter of teaching anyone how to do anything. It was always about holding a space for them to acknowledge and own what they were already experiencing.

So, how do you sense energy? Do you see it, hear it, feel it? Is it simply a "knowingness"? Do you have a sense of what others are feeling or thinking? Energy can be experienced in so many different ways. The skeptical part of you that asks "am I making this up" is useful in keeping an overactive imagination in check, but it's usually working overtime. My rule of thumb in my classes is "if you sense something, it's real". Then the task is to understand what it is and how it can be useful. u-sense-energy/
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Re: How do you sense "energy"
Post # 2
Very interesting. ;) Thanks for sharing Raven!
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